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katana 600 not turning over!

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  • katana 600 not turning over!

    hi everyone I'm new to this katana game, i purchased a 05 gsxf and when i got it yesterday and it started just fine and ran fine. today i went to start it and the starter didn't even crank. I've had it sitting on a charger all day and when it had enough battery i tried starting it and it still didn't start. i can push start it by myself and it will run just fine. it has hids so i don't know if that is affecting the battery.
    update: i went to advanced auto parts and got the battery checked and they said it was fine! help

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    Just because a battery takes a charge, it does not necessarily mean it is good.

    How old is the battery? Has it been drained a few times before?

    Many other questions can be asked, but I would try a new battery and go from there.
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      Clutch safety switch....
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