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  • GSX600F Exhaust

    Hi Guys,

    My Stepdad recently gifted me his old GSX600F (1989). (I'm a little limited on knowledge for engines and the like, still learning). Its got a few issues that I'm trying to fix up so i can get it through its MOT as my first "big" bike. I noticed today that its got a hole in the middle section of the exhaust.

    I have two questions:

    I was looking around online and wanted to know if you can fit a 1992+ exhaust on the older 1989 bikes! They're a bit easier to get a hold of and cheaper because of that reason!

    I've had a look at the down pipes and i can't see any holes or damage, just a bit of rust. So my second question is, would it be worth just buying the middle section of the exhaust to replace the part of the pipe that's broken?

    Any help is welcome

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    Yes, you can use the 92 exhaust.
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      89-97 should be the same.

      If you can find just the mid pipe, might as well buy just that. I doubt anyone elses old exhaust system is going to be in much better shape than yours right now.
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        Thanks for the replies, going to see if I can get the current exhaust off, once its all sorted i'll throw up some pictures so you can take a look!