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  • Digital kat.

    i think its corny enough, so i call it K.a.t.t.

    My 88 1100, shes seen some better days. Fairings were bashed up pretty good a few years back, and i didnt like the stock signals or mirrors. So i flushed off the mirrors, and the signals, mounted the mirrors to the handlebars, and made custom lights.

    I chopped the rear light housing open, and built a custom integrated light with a few hundred hyperbright led's, and a dedicated control board.

    Up and running with the final firmware. custom circuitboard custom layout custom programming Gotta love it.

    Didnt know what to do with the front signals... didnt like the aftermarket versions, and didnt want to drill through the fairings to put in something i'm unsure about. So i designed and 3d printed some custom bolt-on units, and embedded some RGB color LED's in the modules, so they fit right on the stock fairing bolts with no modification. I programmed them to dance through a bunch of colors during startup. they can do any color at all.

    Didnt realize i set the signals to pink though until after i sealed everything up. Pfft, whatever.

    I didnt trash the electrical system, its all left stock, flashers intact and all. The controller boards just take a signal from the handle control, but are powered independently on a 12v rail.

    any thoughts?
    charlie was a chemist, but charlie is no more. what charlie thought was h2o was h2so4

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    Welcome to KatRiders.
    Looks like you have a good start to it.

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      very cool, what controller did you end up using for this project?


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        I prefer to keep my fairings stock. One reason, I was going to buy a nose fairing from a guy that filled his mirror mounts with fiberglass. However, that would mean I would have to use his ugly aftermarket mirrors too. My idea is to make aluminum plates that mount in the stock locations. Same idea you've got there for the turn signals, just stock mounting location without modding the plastics. As for the mirror mounts, you could have just put some neat anodized allen screws in that place to help brace the fairing. On the other hand, like I was saying, you can just bend some sheet aluminum (EDIT: or steel for more strength) like this guy did. I believe those are GSXR mirrors with the mounting joint removed.
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          i would love to have kept my fairings stock. wasnt really an option. Previous owner dropped the bike a few times, and trashed them, unfortunately that meant the mirrors were bashed up too. SO my option was to buy new fairings, or do some improvising. I like to think it looks good, considering the lowers had an 8" hole through the side, and the upper was cracked right in half.

          Nice thing about ABS is that its easy to repair on the cheap if you know how.
          but for the record, those mirrors on the black/orange kat look fucking siiiick.

          ANNNND for the controller, i had a parallax BS2 sitting around doing nothing, (for those who know what that is, stop shaking your head- it was this, or the garbage can) so i designed the rear light around that, and programmed it in basic. I designed, etched and built all the circuit boards by hand in my kitchen.

          The front controller is a little nicer, i built a 6 channel RGB mosfet driver with PWM outputs, controlled by a PIC16F628A microcontroller. the controller assembly is a little 3d printed enclosure mounted to the inside of the front fairings for convenience.
          charlie was a chemist, but charlie is no more. what charlie thought was h2o was h2so4


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            Don't misunderstand my post. I dig the lights.
            My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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              Nothing misunderstood, thats a great looking kat
              charlie was a chemist, but charlie is no more. what charlie thought was h2o was h2so4