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    Whats your preference for everyday riding. Tank Bag or Tail Bag?

    I know on touring, many of us use both. but for those everyday riding trips were one is sufficient, for work items, personal stuff, or just to carry your wallet n keys, etc in. whats your choice ?

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    I used to strap my backpack to my seat . Only reason I'd like a tank bag is for the map pouch , as I get lost easily .
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      As I have a solo seat, I much prefer the tank bg
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        I have a really nice magnetic tankbag

        problem is...
        Triumph tank is plastic!


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          i have nice saddle bags... i plan on getting a tank bag as well at some point. the saddle bags hold a lot especailly when you need to change clothes at work.
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            Tail bag, preferably a Luggage Locker that replaces the rear seat.

            My TLR, packed for a 4 day trip to Alabama. The only thing that was in the tank bag was my rain gear. If it weren't for needing quick access to the rain gear, my tank bag would have stayed home
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              Tank bag because it's much handier being magnetic and accessible. The tailpack is only used for long trips and is detrimental to the look especially having to take off my Braada Cowl. (I'm certain some kind of idea is churning in Jim's head as he reads this)
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                Backpack most of the time, tank bag if I need a map. Bungie net over the back seat always, just in case.


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                  I prefer magnetic tank bags for their sheer convenience.
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                    Originally posted by Myrddraal
                    Backpack most of the time, tank bag if I need a map. Bungie net over the back seat always, just in case.

                    what he said. lol i have a bungie strap (square looking bungie strap) over the back seat, and the ex was supposed to make a waterproof bag that matched the rear seat portion. it would sit under the bungie, and have a zipper at the front (facing front). make sense? that way, i could put my wallet, keys, small items in the bag, zip it up, and be held in place by the bungie.

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                      i always just use my backpack..but im hoping santa brings me a tank bag for much more handy for wallet, keys, lunch for work backpack always flies around like crazy when im riding.


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                        I have one of these from

                        It can be used as a back pack, or a tank bag. If you use it as a back pack it doesn't fly around because of the way it's made. It's not too big but just fine for a rain suit, cell, wallet and other miscellaneous stuff. And being that it's a hard shell, it's waterproof. You can even get a hydration kit for it . A magnetic kit is available for it but I won't need it because, as Range said, the Triumph tank is plastic.


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                          Send me your tank bag Range, me and Nurse Becky will make good use of it!!!! We can put oils and lotions in it.....
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                            Tank bag. Can't hide the Braada.
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                              I wear a back pack back and forth to work. It is an old canvas Army medic's bag (got it free). It is just big enough to carry a complete change of clothes to include my boots. I ride to work in my PT (Physical Training) uniform and then shower/change at work. Since I have to wear a reflective vest EVERYwhere I ride, I have sewn some reflective yellow stips across the lid of it. (The lid faces the rear when worn) If you wear a back pack over your vest around here, the MP's (Military Police) will pull you over real quick.


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