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    I know of a few people that won't ride with there buddies and there friends because of bike style difference. Example being Rockets and other Sport Bikes only, no Cruisers, or vice versa. Just wondering what everyone's general opinion about that was. Personally, I don't care. if it has 2 wheels, there in.
    Who Cares, 2 wheels, and a place for a chick!
    Crusiers Only, there is no "Other" class!
    Sport Bikes Dude, Cruisers are for Old People that can't carve the twisties!
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    I don't roll anymore......or bowl for that matter.....It's bad for your health and kills WAY too many precious brain cells....


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      Don't make no nevermind 'ta me!
      I even rode with a Vespa once. Lasted .07 seconds, though.
      That chick could really rail a driveway!


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        2 wheels... 2 hands... 2 boobs... 2 perfect.


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          It all depends on how far I have to go... If it's local transit, I'm just as happy railing a 125 Aprilia 2-stroke as a 2.3 liter triumph. If I need to cover major miles (say 250 or significantly more in a day), then I need something comfy to eat up the miles...

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            Having owned 2 cruisers before the Kat , I have no problem "rolling" with cruiser-guys (or gals , but not many gals around here who ride ) . The problem is , I like to have a litte backroad fun , and cruisers aren't very well suited for trying to keep up with even a "psuedo-sportbike" . I'll ride with anybody who I don't deem an "a$$" .
            I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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              I'm usually the only sport bike in the crowd that I ride with. Unfortunately, the majority of bikes that I ride with are all Harleys-so there's a lot of waaaaaiiiiiitttttiiiiinnnnnggg We have to stop for gas a lot too, guess in all their glory, Harley neglected to put bigger gas tanks for those people that actually ride their Harley farther than just to the bar down the street.

              I didn't get a chance to ride with my cousin this season though, and he and his buddy both have R6's, so they'll be waiting for me when next season rolls around.

              It doesn't matter to me what you ride, as long as you're riding.
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              Hi. :bigfinger Cram it.


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                Doesn't matter as long as you love to ride..... 8)
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                  Originally posted by Haggisman
                  Doesn't matter as long as you love to ride..... 8)
                  well put
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                    Originally posted by Junior
                    2 wheels... 2 hands... 2 boobs... 2 perfect.
                    ENUF SAID
                    1 wheelin'and killin' it, not to offend ya.


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                      Doesn't matter to me what you're riding, as long as you're riding. I've ridden with trikes before.

                      We'll have to get together again next season Scrappy, maybe take you up the crest


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                        Sportbikes of course!

                        Althought I love the 2005 Harley Dyna Wide Glide, I don't see me paying 28,000 for it.
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                          I've rolled with cruisers, standards, dual sports, and long as you have a need 4 speed and wanna ride..hey its all good...we can always wait at the next stop sign for ya

                          but seriously though, if somebody's up for a ride, and they're cool...lets go!!!


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                            How could I call them friends if I won't ride with them based on their wheels?

                            A few of my buddies, even some family, have cruisers.

                            As long as they don't ride like an idiot, I don't care what it's on.

                            If you think you don't need a helmet, you probably don't.


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                              I would like to make an official complaint about the "place for a chick" part of option #1 ( Sorry Scrappy!). Twice in the last week I've had reasonably attractive men seriously ask me if I would take them for a spin on the bike. :smt065
                              There's room for more than boobs back there.