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  • Almost bought it

    Nice day .... left work a little early.

    Riding home peacefully, until this damn SUV pulls out from a parking lot on the right. Idiot never bothered to look to their left before coming onto the main road. No visibility restrictions.

    I grabbed both brakes, rear went into a skid; thought I was going to low side, came out of it, and the bike felt like it was torquing. Felt absolutely sure I was going to high side. Stuck it out. Made it thru!!!

    Didn't even have to stop to remove ..... 2 ..... body parts .... from my throat!

    Older Chinese lady driving the SUV ..... #@^%&*$^ ... didn't even acknowledge her screw-up!!!

    Me very pissed!

    Here's a question for those who may know.
    Does that sound like it could have ended in a high side? Sure felt like it, but I'm not positive.

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    not a high side....but you could have layed it that guy on that "accident recreation" video with is katanada sport bike.


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      Could have ended up either way but glad you kept things under control. Always assume that cagers don't see you.


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        Well, the reason I asked about the high side is this: the low side was going to be to the left, then the bike goes upright, but that motion seemed to be weird ... torquish is the best I can describe it ... so the high side would have been to the right.


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          ive seen a video of a guy doing a rolling burnout...then going into i high side before....but not durring breaking......i dont know if it can be done or not....


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            Glad you made it thru, way to hang in there and stay calm w/ the rubber side down!!

            Its even more fun w/ lock up the front too!!


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              Sounds like it was a textbook accident avoidence move. Good job.


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                glad you hung on. good job. I had a cabbie cut me off in downtown nashville the other day. he got an earful of horn and then foul language


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                  [quote="Black Kat"]

                  It was pretty similar to this. First the low side slide (left side going down), then the almost high side to the right. I got out of it before the animation's final low side to the left.

                  I did a u-turn and rode by to see what it looked like - was lucky there wasn't any oncoming traffic or you guys would have been reading posts sent from a hospital or something.

                  Still feel like a good smack on the side of her head would be useful for her .... and therapeutic for me.


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                    SHOULD'VE ended with a boot to her door . Well , any time you come back without dropping the bike is a good thing .
                    I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

                    Katrider's rally 2011 - md86


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                      Glad you're ok how are your shorts?
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                        Glad that the end result was a good one. And uh, glad that you didn't cough up your boys!!! That would have sucked all kinds of arse!!! Good job of keeping it up though!

                        I'm a whole lotta woman, but a whole lotta fun!


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                          Originally posted by Katgirl
                          Glad you're ok how are your shorts?


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                            Originally posted by Katgirl
                            Glad you're ok how are your shorts?
                            In the laundry!!!!

                            Actually, things moved pretty quickly, so not much time to panic while it happened.
                            I wasn't quite sure what seemed to be in my throat, though!!!
                            And, later, that feeling went away ... and my body weight distribution was back to normal again!


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                              I just had a very similar thing happen last night...

                              Left turn into two lanes... lady in front of me goes into rightest lane... i take the inside lane... get beside her and she suddenly decides she wants to be in the lane i'm in. she didnt look at all... just blasted over and nearly crushed me between her car and the median... i locked up the rear and almost locked up the front.

                              at the next light i lane-split up beside her and start screaming "are you trying to f%^king kill me or what lady? just because you have a car doesnt mean you have the right to run over me on my motorcycle!" she freaked out at first and then the car on the other side yelled at her too because they saw what happened, so the lady apologized and we went about our business.
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