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  • Making music

    I just recently went riding with a few new people. One guy has a full fairing Yamaha FZ1, great looking bike, but it has a D+D pipe. If some of you love D+D and are ready to yell at me for not liking them just hold on a sec. I don't like the sound of the D+D pipe on it's own, but as we were riding, I noticed (as did the other riders) that the sound of our two bikes accelerating together ( I have a V+H SS2R) sounded like a P-51 mustang. (A WWII fighter for those who don't know). The combination of his low pitch and my high pitch made for a perfect match, and created a killer sound. Then it occured to me. I wonder how it would sound if you put two different slip-ons on a dual exhaust bike. I have never seen it done but I think it would sound AWESOME. Anybody have a Busa they want to experiment with?

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    Personally I dont mind the d&d sound at all..sure its alittle loud but hey, as long as ur not doing wheelies and burnouts in the resedential neighborhoods and pissing off the parents w/ young kids and old people trying to go to bed at 8pm, then get out on the open road and crank it up if u like.