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won brand new dual slip-ons for $75

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  • won brand new dual slip-ons for $75

    I came across this set of jardine slip-ons for $75 on ebay. Anyone have any experience with dual slip-ons like this? I have my v&h engine and was afraid the cops might bug me for my 4-1 Yosh cuz it isn't really legal here. so I figured for $75+$14 to ship was a decent deal. You don't get much for $90 today....especially a new ehaust system. it says for an 88, but it should fit a 93...i hope. i know 88 was a bit different than the others....just not sure how. so anyone have a clue what kind of performance/sound these might have?

    They are not the best designed cans i have seen, but they will only be used if the cops make me remove my yosh. just the midpipes are worth it to add other cans to if wanted. go go ebay.
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    I don't know about their end-cans, but I know that the Jardin header on my gf's Ninja 500 has some issues:

    (A) It rusts like crazy. No amount of anything shy of full sand-blasting and jet-coating them will cure it.

    (B) It's loud.

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      hmmm....oh well. if worse comes to worse, I will use them on a kart or something that i stick my spare 1100 engine i am sure i will find a use for them someday. not like i paid a fortune for them.
      I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.