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Accessory question: stearing pad

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  • Accessory question: stearing pad

    The guy i bought my Kat from had keys with all sorts of key chain things hanging from it that inadvertantly scuffed and faded the, what should be shiny silver, stearing thing that is impossible to not notice when showing people your bike.

    I may be able to buff it out, but instead would like to buy some carbon fiber sticky thing similar to a tank adhesive that would hide and protect the, what i call, stearing pad.

    Anyone seen anything like this or have some idea? I suppose i could paint it...

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    There was a post about said sticker awhile ago...I'm not sure if he makes them anymore and will sell one to you, but here is the thread --->
    1999 Black Katana GSX-600F


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      go ahead and bug nighthawk for one of these
      we ALL want one, maybe if we can excert enough of a peer pressure hehe
      -= Har du styr på lortet, eller lort på styret? =-