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Helmet lock question

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    do what I did... remove the tail plastic, unbolt those ugly worthless cargo bars / helmet lock from the frame... and put the tail plastics back on.

    it cleans up the look of the rear end, and that rear helmet lock blows anyhow. i can fit my Large helmet and my girls Small helmet both on the underseat cargo lock by putting mine on first, and then hers on top of mine.

    as far as riding w/ a spare helmet... do the cargo net hooked to itself under the seat thing. it works great and doesnt hurt your tail plastics... though it does put some wear on the edges of your seat material.
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      I was never able to find a big enough cargo net that would reach all the way to the cargo bars. I just put a couple of straps under the seat that have D-rings at the end. The straps come up to the top of the seat and I just hook the cargo net to that.


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        Tried using them on other bikes years ago and gave it up, just started removing them on all my bikes....don't like the extra junk on the tail anyway.