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I went down.

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    So sorry to hear
    Wow! glad your still with us!

    Fight for what's right!


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      Sorry to hear about it man.... Just glad your OK.......

      I had kind of the same ticket (not my fault, still got a ticket). I was 17, in high school, driving home from a baseball game on a 2 lane, strait as an arrow highway. Went to turn left into a driveway and the girl behind me decided to pass. Bumped the back corner of the bumper turning my car sideways and then T-Boned me (all @ about 20 MPH). State Patrol showed up and wrote BOTH of us tickets. Under 18 in Ohio you hafta got to court. Asked them why I got a ticket and they told me it was because a 2 lane highway is just like a 4 lane highway and that you hafta check the other lane BOTH WAYS before moving into it. Just BS for them to get more $$$
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        Sorry to hear about it.

        If you fight the ticket (and a buddy convinced me to ALWAYS fight tickets if they seemed excessive), take pictures of the road (specially the dip), the barrier and if there's still'always sand/gravel there. Have them printed and take them along. They may not get you out of the ticket, but may help you get the ticket reduced.

        Heal up well!


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          Sorry to hear about your accident, I had a similar one on my first bike, but went down into grass and slid into traffic.... almost got my head ran over by a car.

          I've learned to take it easy on those highway ramps unless I know for a fact they are fresh and clean.

          As far as the ticket thing goes... fight it. They have to prove that you were going that speed via skid marks, damage, etc. If you say you were not going that speed, then they will not be able to prove it.

          It may cost you some cash to fight them, but it will be worth it in the long run because of insurance increases and everything over time.
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