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Dumped my bike

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  • Dumped my bike

    I finally did it. First time I've dropped the bike since I got it. Going maybe 25-30 in the parking lot at work, hit the front brakes, and some gravel at the same time, and promptly ate the pavement. I got away with a scraped up arm, and rashed jeans. The bike got a really cracked fairing, bad rash, and a broken brake lever, which I had JUST PUT ON the night before. (carbon fiber look). Oh well. And yeah, I switched jobs, which is the occasion of not knowing the parking lot very well, and also the reason I haven't posted much lately. Just haven't had time. Just wanted to let ya know.

    P.S.- 11.36@119.5MPH at the track on Wednesday. It's on video, too.
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    Bummer . Well , welcome to the club .
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      been there...done that.
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        dumped my bike

        hey dude thats a nice time for a katana maybe post the video


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          Time to look into some new plastics, eh? I may have access to some pre- 98's. I gota look into it more though.
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            ouch. that sucks. glad you're ok.


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              Yep. thats the story of my life.


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                Oh I remember doing that. Trying to put the darn thing on the center stand. What a sad story... Welcome to the club
                I'm starting to wonder if you all need a beatdown.


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                  been there... a few times.
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                    Sorry!! Again, its happened to the best of us.
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                      bummer. sorry to hear that.
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                        That's a real pain in the arse, damn gravel!
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                          Gravel, sand or oil, all of them suck!

                          There is no more stupid way to go down. Not your fault, nothing that can be done about it most of the time, and even if you were riding carefully, down you go...

                          At least, if you were pushing the limits, you knew the risk and enjoyed it. But because someone left some gravel, hate it!
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                            Sorry to hear....I've had the same thing happen to me.

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                              At least you weren't almost stopped at a Stop sign, waiting to turn right to get out of a parking lot, and then the bike fell, and you had to do a quick look around to see if anyone saw you make a fool of yourself, but thanked your stars that it was REALLY early in the morning on a weekend and most people were still asleep .... oh, wait.

                              Never mind, forget what I said.

                              Uhh ... ummm... oh, yeah, glad you're (basically) ok.