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Check out my new bike 2005 Kat!

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  • Check out my new bike 2005 Kat!

    Just got it about 6 weeks ago and already have 1400 miles on it. This is my first bike and I couldnt be happier. I have replaced the factory decals, and chopped the shovel. My next mods will be a solo cowl and smoked or clear turn signals. What do you think?

    I have attached before and after pics.
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    Nice bike,greetings and welcome
    Ok, no more mister nice guy, i've met the guy in the street, and he's a wanker.


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      Congrats, good looking bike, welcome to KR!!!

      Keep it simple.....1+1=2


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        I like it...but man, you sure started modding it right out of the box!! I could never do that, too afraid of messin' with the newness of it all.

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          taking off the stickers was my first move..second was the shovel next came these babies..i drilled the plastic to mount these..i liked how they pointed down instead of straight out.

          Im in the process of painting my lower fairings, the plastice above and below the head lights black , with matching OEM paint...will post pics soon. When its not 104degrees outside
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            I say clear for the lights if you are going to keep the white butt on the bike..


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              Nice bike!!! Love the mods!

              I'm a whole lotta woman, but a whole lotta fun!


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                tinted windshield (speedscreen) would be nice too.
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                  gotta get some clear alternatives turnsignal on the front end, other than that great bike


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                    Awesome and welcome yo!!
                    Blue is always the way to go LOL
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                    Who knows what is next?
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                    Please look at this build!


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                      Looks awesome.

                      I love the blue/white paint scheme on the 600's, and I love yours even better!

                      how did you get "SUZUKI" on the swingarm like that? Is it a decal?
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                        I like it a lot. Really cleans it up, and it doesn't look as busy. Don't get me wrong, I like the stock look of it too, buts its nice to see something different.

                        and yes, I do believe that is a decal on the swingarm.
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                          Originally posted by Sagan
                          I say clear for the lights if you are going to keep the white butt on the bike..
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                            Nice bike! I like the look much better without the decals. I finally took them off of my own bike, but for other reasons....

                            Gotta say though, I like the blue/black ('03) better than blue/white... ('05)
                            Keep the rubber side down!


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                              Looks great so far. Maybe strip and polish the grab bar?

                              I agree with the others about the Clear signals, you could also take off those Big ass peg feelers,add a smoked windscreen, Mesh mod on the fairings maybe.