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Loud pipes save lives?

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  • Loud pipes save lives?

    But really, in your opinion, is this fact or fiction ?

    So we all know the old expression that Harley riders seem to swear by. "Loud Pipes Save Lives" , and the same can be said for sportbike riders to a degree as well.

    Whatcha think ?

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    Well, for me personally, I have a V&H SSR2 exhaust on mine. It sounds loud as hell when I'm on it, but my girl has driven in front of me before in the cage and said that she couldn't hear me at all. And after I passed her, she said it was for a very short distance that she could still hear me. Now on her Harley, I can hear her when we're at a stoplight or when she revs the motor (usually done before entering an intersection)-other than that, when we're just cruising along...I can't hear her either. But then that could be because my bike is so loud to me.......
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      I'd have to say no, there good if your driving next to the person, but if you coming up fast from behind chances are they won't even hear you until after they've spilt thier coffee from zooming by and scaring them.


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        I don't think they always save lives, but if only one car doesn't do something stupid around me because they heard me, then I think its a worthy cause.


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          i think they do help somewhat, i added a few holes in my exhast and it got real loud, it seems when ppl are at a stop sign and trying to merge with traffic then they to see me a lot more lately. but so do the cops
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            loud pipes may not help as much as you think (see above)

            but, if just one moron in cage can hear me, its all worth it

            cages are not the only on the street, animals/pedestrians
            can hear me clearly from block away, thats another safety
            insurance there

            its much better sound/look than stock, i'm happy already


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              i'll do what ever to come up with reasons to convince myself
              that $400 was well spent


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                lol first i just got to find 400 to make that decision. im happy with the holes i just need a yoshi sticker
                Save the homeless, take me home with you!


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                  Originally posted by MossMan4
                  i just need a yoshi sticker

                  i'll send you a pic, you can print that out and tape to your pipe


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                    I have the d&d show and go slip on and holy crap that thing is loud. People always watchin me come up on them. No doubt they can see me.
                    But I gotta agree with moss man the cops hanging out at the starbucks are always eyeballin me as i roll by. They hear me rippin down the road and see me pretinding that it wasnt me. so Im sorry police. (they'll have to catch me before I take It off and go stck again)
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                      I believe it depends on the situation. But I do know that My friends, if they are outside, say that they can here me coming atleast 1 mile away. So if they can here me that far away, then a cage has to here me at a closer distance!!
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                        D&D for me too!!!!
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                          D&D full system.

                          Around town or where there is merging traffic I'd have to say it definitley makes a difference. Anytime I think there is a chance I'm caught in someones blind spot I give it a little rev, and wuddaya know they always seem to rubber neck around in their mirros until they find me or traffic opens and I can move.
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                            I had to go undecided. I had a D&D with almost no baffling left. It was loud as shlt. Still had people cutting me off and pinching my lane. A little throttle would scare the hell outta them though.
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                              problem is, we are dealing with people most of the time, who've got their windows up, cell phone in 1 hand, coffe in the other, and the radio blasting.

                              also too consider this. we as bikers always tuned into listening for other bikes, just comes with the territory..we are always aware of our surroundings.

                              cagers on the other hand, have heard them so many times, and have so many things going on while driving, they are always paying attention to their surroundings..loud pipes or not.