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aluminum header??

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  • aluminum header??

    Is this common for bikes? I'm sorry to sound like a newb but i found a Hindle full exhaust on ebay brand new but its aluminum?

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    i woudlnt think so because of several reasons,

    1) aluminum isnt like steal when it gets soft beacause of heat it doesnt get hard when it cools, it stays stof till you work it back to get its straignth back.

    2) aluminum can not touch steel unless its stainless steel i believe or treated, beacause of a reaction that will occure

    3) the point at which aluminum becomes maluable is extremely low and if you go over the range say its from 400-450 if you go say to 500 that piece is ruined


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      well i revisited the auction and i had to write the guy cause it says aluminum at the top but in the body of the description it says stainless steel


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        its stainless


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          It would most likly be aluminized steel. It's just a coating to help dissipate the heat better.


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            List the auction number and we'll look at it. Hindle is normally stainless or titanium; aluminum end-cans are rare. The headers themselves are mild steel, stainless steel, or if he had them jet-coated, will appear as if they are aluminum powder.

            Good Luck
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