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  • Of course it happened...

    Haven't posted in forever...still riding (99% commuting because of time schedule) and posted this thread:

    This morning, on the way to work. I stop at the stoplight near my house. I check the mirror, red compact coming up behind me, I blink my brake lights at her several times...she slows down and stops. This is normal to me, I do it at EVERY stop, and it's an automatic thing.

    So we're all waiting on the light to's STILL RED mind you, cars are NOT moving in front of me.

    And suddenly the bike pops forward a bit. I thought the clutch cable broke and it lurched in gear and died. Took me a second to realize the woman in the car behind me had bumped into me.


    She's freaking out. So I pull over, she follows...she keeps saying "I'm sorry.." OVER AND OVER.

    I look at she must have just barely made contact with the rear tire. Nothing is even scratched. Not even the exhaust can. No mars, scratches nothing. So I tell it's okay and she leaves.

    It rode to work fine, I went over it again in the parking lot, and no damage at all I can see. Except I'm reminded I REALLY need to wash my bike.

    And I need to adjust my chain again.

    That's all...carry on.

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    Been there , done that . It's always nice when there's no damage .
    I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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      It's hard to get mad at someone when they genuinely apologize and no damage is done. Too bad it doesn't happen that way all the time.


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        Glad no one was hurt and no damage done.


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          Gsxf600guy had that same thing happen except they took him off the bike with the car and then took off.
          The newest addition to the Family!
          stop by the garage for a better look!


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            Triple-check your chain adjuster plates. They're usually the ones that take the brunt of the damages from a rear-tire strike.

            =-= The CyberPoet
            Remember The CyberPoet


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              Was about to pull out of a wallmart onto a side road one day several years ago. Looked right and way off is a older yellow caddy coming, and on a whim... I just decided to wait for that car to pass. Pulled out just behind after they passed to approach a red light half a block down. I stop.... caddy slows to about 2mph.... and never stops until contact with the car infront.

              Sometimes your gut is right....

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                people like that tick me off
                if you drive you need to know how to


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                  lucky she didn't hit the gas instead of the brake, you would have been toast. glad you and the bike are ok. play the lottery!!


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                    Good to hear you are ok. Count your blessings, rear enders usually don't turn out well.

                    Originally posted by jetmerritt
                    Save up for great gear and dress for the fall before you ride. If you can't afford good quality gear, don't ride. It's like saying you can't afford seat belts for your car. There are just no laws to make gear mandatory.


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                      Anybody else here remember when one of our [Canadian?] members got rammed intentionally by a pick-up truck and it wedged the bike upright into the truck's grill/bumper while the cager pushed the bike about 100 yards down the road in a fit of road-rage? Hmmm... Might have been pre-KR (in the KP days)...

                      I remember all the pics like it was yesterday...

                      =-= The CyberPoet
                      Remember The CyberPoet


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                        Years ago I was the rider and turned to wave at someone going by the other direction. Turned around just in time to rear end a car stopped at the stop light. Almost launched over the handle bars but no damage to either, was a 5mph impact.
                        Must read for carb tuners......