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The ULTIMATE Sidecar

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  • The ULTIMATE Sidecar

    Teaser image attached, click the following link to see the rest.

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    Who's up for building a Kat like this? (Kat 6's and 750's need not apply)
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    /ˈpjuːdʒɪt/ sounder
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    That is soo freakin SICK!!! I love it....

    I dont have "hobbies" I'm developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set....


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      Interesting., we've got dumb answers!


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        it doesnt look like it seperates


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          neat to look at but i dont think id want one.
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            I love it!
            But I personally would rather have a car that deploys a bike or transforms. (ex: Batmobile in the Dark Knight style)
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              I like it. Though I would hate to be on narrow roads with it. You would be too close to the line or the shoulder.
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                Pointless. Gotta be slower than either motorcycle (acceleration and straight line) or car (twisties.)

                Hard to NOT imagine a better way to spend 10 years and $20,000.
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                  hmmmm. kinda interesting..
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                    I like it... Seriously.
                    Extremely well executed, well engineered, high attention to detail.
                    But if I were seeking a side-car rig, I wouldn't seek that out (or even imagine it).

                    There are firms out there making pivoting side-cars that lean parallel to the bike while keeping their wheel on the road...

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                      To me it looks some one cant make there mind up a bike or a car


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                        Wait a minute, thats actually not a photoshop is it.

                        Good god what an abomination


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                          That is awesome!!Very well executed....Someone should seriously consider putting them into production....I'd buy one!!


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                            interesting.. i'd radther just get the Kat Trike....
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