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starter problem?

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  • starter problem?

    Not sure what the problem is. When I push t4he start button nothing happens at first. Once I give it a second or two, it starts right up. Anyt ideas about the hesitation. Its a 04 600
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    first guess is there's a short in the switch but that doesnt account for the delay then workin. i dunno.. pull the switch apart( if you can without destroying it) and see if anything looks odd? if you would know what to look for?
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      Does the starter give a low slow growl before it kicks in?


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        Either the switch or the solenoid -- contacts somewhere aren't 100%.

        Pull apart the right hand switch pod, spray it out with some electrical cleaner (WD-40 is NOT an electrical cleaner), check for carbon build-up on the switch itself (clean if found), then pack with dielectric grease and reassemble. It's not uncommon for water to get into those switches in the type of hard rains we've had here over the last several days

        Check the battery terminals while you're at it...

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