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Bike needs battery

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  • Bike needs battery

    Hello everyone..

    What kind of battery do i need to buy for my 2003 kat 750? how much do they usually run in Canada?

    how much down in the states?


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    Its usually like 50-60 bucks when you dont look for a deal, in the States.
    I think its like the standard size battery for suzuki sportbikes so wally world should have motorcycle batts that fit suzuki's.

    I know the feeling on needing new battery. My mom's scooter battery is dying but thankfully she has a kickstarter. I've had to kickstart it for her the last two times she has ridden it. gotta teach her how to properly kickstart it.


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      I bought one for a 03 750 about 2 months ago, it was low $50 usd

      Standard battery from walmart


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        Your bike is designed to use a sealed AGM battery. These tend to run more expensive than old-style unsealed batteries.

        Preferred brand is Yuasa (tend to last the longest in the real world, and OEM), with stock battery being YTX-9BS. Optional upgrade would be an YTZ-14S (almost double the CCA's and about 1.4 times the storage capacity). For more on these, see:

        Aftermarket batteries are less expensive, but it's the type of thing you pay for in the long run. If for any reason you go with an unsealed battery, install a drain tube and route it down under the seat pan and away from the back tire's path.

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          PM sent

          If you dont have a battery tender and it sits a lot invest in one , it will extend the life of your battery greatly
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