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Need an appraisal on my Kat

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  • Need an appraisal on my Kat

    I have a 1999 Katana 600. The fairings need repaired, it is missing the belly fairings. The choke cable is seized and the lever is broke, it has a dent in the gas tank, the taillight is busted, the left turn signal is broke, the oil drain plug is stripped out. All the fairings are off right now. I was just trying to see how much it is worth. Thanks for your help.

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    Part it out you'll get more out of it that way
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      Insurance appraisal, or realistic value of what you can get for it?

      Generally, I work my valuations backwards:
      NADA - $1640 (TYPICAL/GOOD) - $2055 (MINT)
      Front/Main Fairings - $600
      Belly Fairing - $200
      Gas Tank - $350
      Choke Cable* - $20
      Control Pod - $130
      Tail Light* - $50 (used)
      Left turn signal (rear) - $35
      Oil Pan - $60 (used)

      Note: items with an astrick, I have available for sale.

      That leaves you a residual value of around $325 - $740, IMHO, which literally means that you'll make the most parting it out (if you're trying to sell it), or if you want to do a DYI fix-it up project, it'll set you back probably the better part of a grand if you go all used parts (far less if you plastic-weld the existing fairings and paint yourself).

      PS - I have the tail fairings on ebay right now ($10 each plus postage), if you need 'em, as items:

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        I wouldn't pay more than about $500.
        »Ross Wendell
        »1992 Katana 600, 1987 MR2 turbo, 2005 Corolla


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          yeah id say 500 sounds about right... theres a TON of work to be done just to get it on the road, let alone looking decent.


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            $500 at the absolute most, even than I would think it would be hard to sell.
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              To give some perspective, I paid $300 for my 92 kat which needed a paint job, carb cleaning, and basic maintainance.
              »Ross Wendell
              »1992 Katana 600, 1987 MR2 turbo, 2005 Corolla


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                Thanks for the help if thats all its worth i'll keep it.