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How many bikes do you have

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  • How many bikes do you have

    Does one else have more then one bike, if so what else do you ride. I also have an 86 700F VFR with 32000 miles on it. Runs and rides awesome not real fast but a nice cruiser. I'm going to get my wife to start riding so it'll be her bike soon.
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    2003 Katana 750F
    1986 VFR 700F

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    I have to one bike my 99 Kat 750. For about 3 days I had 2 bikes. My old one was a 1979 Kawasaki KZ400. But it sold very quickly to a friend of mine the same week I brought the Kat home.
    1999 Katana 750


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      A few years ago there was 14 bikes in the stable, but now only two.My 2004 Aprilia Futura and my 1982 Katana.
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        Im down to three and waiting to get a brand new one . Have 1975--750 2 stroke a rz-350 last 2 stroke sold in the usa . And a kat 2002 -600 ..... And sold the gpz-600 two mo ago


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          I now have 3 street bikes, 3 drag bikes, 1 pit bike, & 9 quads. Anyone need a kids quad? Ray.
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            Just this one right now. Had a '95 Ninja 250. Now, I have a kids chinese quad(crap) and an '01 Warrior...Needs some work, then my boy gets it...Nine years old on a Warrior, brave, I know.


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            1993 Katana 600 - Traded for a truck.
            2004 Katana 600 - Gone
            2002 GSX-R600. - Gone


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              I have my 07 Kawasaki ZX-14 and an 07 Honda Cbr600rr

              I really enjoy both bikes and they're both VERY comfortable
              2007 Honda CBR600rr
              2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

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                currently, the '90 Kat 750, a '80 Kawi KZ750LTD, and the baby Kaw, a '79 KE100. there have been others and more in the past. never know what you'll run across in a barn, garage, or hid in the weeds. i have my eye on a '89 Kawi 600 ninja down teh block that's a basket case. waitin to see if the owner is gonna come down on the price.
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                  I'm down to two, and selling one of the two, but I want another one (double-duty, for me in urban use & for the GF in general).

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                    Just the gixxer right now. But I want more...I need MORE!!!

                    (Actually, hoping to pick up an FJR1300 at end of the year.)
                    2006 GSXR 600 Gone to Gixxer heaven
                    BMC Notorious 918 HT
                    2007 GSXR 750

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                      I only have 1. I'd love to have a few more but living in an apt. makes that a little complicated


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                        Just two:

                        1980 GS1100E, 2002 748S, 2010 ZX14, 2013 Bonneville T-100



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                          You dont see too many of those RFs on the road anymore.

                          Anyhow I have 3 here in alabama and 3 more back in Oklahoma at my parents house.
                          2005 FJR1300
                          1988 katana 600
                          1974 TT500

                          1976 honda 550 Four
                          1981 Kz440 With a CSR305 for parts.
                          1979 Yamama MX 80

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                            1992 Katana 750
                            1997 Honda XR650L

                            I really really want an early 70's Honda/Suzuki for a Bobber Project.
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                              Just my one 02 Katana 600. Wish I could get an SS bike for the weekends and have my Kat as my work ride, but my checking account says NO.
                              02 Katana 600 (weekend toy) 11.892 @ 111.92 MPH
                              90 GSXR 750/1216
                              96 Chevy S-10 (work truck)
                              87 Rear Engine Dragster 8.46 @ 157MPH