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My new project bike

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  • My new project bike

    So i get bored easy, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

    I have my kat, and i love it, even though said love is rarely returned. I need to a few things to it to get it in tip top shape, but i hate the idea of not having a bike to ride for a while. And having it as one of my daily drivers seems like overkill to me. SO i decided to buy a beater bike. a cheapie like a maxim or something i could get for a couple hundred bucks and ride to death.

    SO i responded to an ad on craigslist about a Sabre for 500 bucks, and went to go look at it. never even took cash out, cause it was kinda ugly looking.

    The guy had like 15 bikes in his garage, and most were in great shape. IT was very refreshing to see someone take that much pride in his vehicles, and not for the purpose of just showing them off. SO i told him the sabre was too big for what i was looking for, and he said he had a little suzuki in the back, so i went and checked it out.

    fell in love *sniff*

    Buried under parts and between 2 honda bikes, was a little gs 750, and a pile of extra parts (extra tank and fairings too, even the same paint job!)

    so i bought it from him for 450 bucks cdn (thats like $20US). It has low compression on cyls 3+4, and someone had a lot of fun with it, cause the rear tire is burned down to the steel belting.

    given thats its an air cooled bike, and burnouts involve not moving, i gather the two issues are likely connected.

    SO i settled for a project bike instead of a running beater. Could this be the start of a bad trend?

    and oh yeah, if anyone's had one of these, i'd appreciate any tips on common issues and such
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    charlie was a chemist, but charlie is no more. what charlie thought was h2o was h2so4

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    Im so jealous! There is a GS 750 down the road from me for $500, but its a different body style than that one. $200 was a hell of a deal!
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      That is awesome!... I'd have been all over that too.

      93 750 Kat

      Modified Swingarm, 5.5 GSXR Rear with 180/55 and 520 Chain, 750 to 600 Tail conversion, more to come. Long Term Project build thread

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        Sweet! Sometimes, things work out funny that way. Have fun building her back up!
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          Lol the money conversion.


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            lol the fairings were held on with bailing wire and a single wood screw.

            When i went to pick it up, he putan old junker seat on it, and said he wanted 40 bucks for the good one. i caved and said fine (the seat is in excellent shape and from another bike).

            So we went to the insurance place, and had to transfer the papers into his name before we could transfer it to mine, and he had to pay 40 bucks for the transfer.

            So he yanked money from me, and government yanked it from him. somehow i feel both vindicated and violated at the same time
            charlie was a chemist, but charlie is no more. what charlie thought was h2o was h2so4