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best mileage? range?

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  • best mileage? range?

    So far, I haven't had the best mileage I thought possible, but here is best I have gotten so far. Gas gauge was starting into the red when I filled up.

    38.959 Miles/US Gallon
    46.788 Miles/UK Gallon
    16.563 Km/Liter
    6.0375 Liters/100Km
    calculations done at, the site's a little weird to get going, but that's the numbers I got.

    The raw data is: 14.019 Liters
    232.2 Kilometers
    Elevation 600 meters, lots of change on the route

    I have done a couple mods to my 2006 GSX600F, Ivan's jet kit, timing advance - roughly 3.5 degrees - poor man's method. I was using Chevron 94 @ $1.22/L - my favorite

    I can't really think of any other pertinent info, the ride was pretty mellow, I was going with a new rider taking his girlfriend with him, I made sure I didn't have 2 kids to scrape off the road.

    Anybody get much better? Anybody average worse?

    Thought it might be a good thread.

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    20 mpg if im lucky but how fun it is
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      I used to get about 32 - 34 mpg consistently with my riding habits here in Florida (humid, thick air, moving quite quickly), but the one time that I puttered after Rodimus at 50-60 mph on the highway for 90 minutes, it got somewhere in the neighborhood of 62 mpg or something like that...

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        Mildly spirited riding I get mid 30s on my 1100. Highway riding I get about 55.

        And H2-Charlie, keep an eye out for this one in your area. I just sold it to someone in San Jose. Was mine for the last 15 years or so and finally decided to let her go.

        And to avoid the dreaded thread H2 got about 22 and you better believe it was fun.
        92 1100 Kat


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          Playing on back roads I tend to get near 40mpg nowadays . SOmetimes OVER 40 :shock . Not sure about highway with current set-up , though . I tend to avoid highways . But I WAS getting a tad less than 30 on the highway typically . I think the bags add a LOT of drag reducing my aerodynamic efficiency .
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            43mpg on the highway, 36mpg in the twisties.


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              yeah the last time i calculated i had about 46 and 44 miles a gallon.... vs my old gs500 62 miles a gallon lol


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                about 42-45 with my fat *** on it on the highway.. LOL
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                  8.879 liters to 199.6 kilometers was my best on the kat, 450 km to 14 liters best on the ZZR
                  worst I've seen is 16 liters to 69 km on the kat and 250 km to 14 liters on the ZZR


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                    im consistently under 40mpg after the jet kit.
                    joey b.


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                      I get right around 50mpg on my pre 600 with the wife on the back riding mellow (rpm's staying below 7k for the most of the ride), when I go out for aggressive solo rides it drops to around 35mpg (rpm's between 9k-12300 frequently). My 700 Fazer gets between 37.5 and 50mpg depending on how hard I'm pushing it.
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                        Gee I'm getting 36-37 around town (I have given up on the highway)..
                        Maybe I'm not as far off as I thought? This is up from 33..


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                          I'm getting the best mileage now that my bike is in pieces...or would it be the worst mileage...Hmmmm...
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                            Laying on the tank most of the way I got about 50 mpg on the last Interstate ride.


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                              Stock was seeing 45mpgs consistantly, after all the crap I threw at it Im see around 25mpg, 30mpg If I keep my foot out of it, but I only did that once to see how much better my gas mileage would get.
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