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Another Kat down

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  • Another Kat down

    My Kat took a spill yesterday.Cager made an illegal u turn causing me to lock brakes and lay the bike down.First thing I did was get his plate no.Basically his car was on the side of road,he was conversing with some crack head and then he just whipped his car around in the street.The Kat suffered a broked windscreen,rash and two cracks in the fairing.My left mirror also has rash but didnt break.One of the cracks in the fairing was due to the mirror not snapping.I think this was my warning.I always wear protective gear but on this particular day I was dressed like a squid with shorts and a t-shirt.I have lite rash on both arms and a scarred up knee.It could have been worse.I have relearned a good lesson-ALWAYS WEAR YOUR GEAR.I guess I will finally get that new paint job that I keep putting off. Be safe everybody
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    Sucks about spilling the bike but good to hear your okay!
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      Glad to hear that you came out of it basically okay man, hope you get your bike fixed back up quick.
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        Glad yer ok.. hopefully the jackazz had insurance!

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          Sorry to read you went down bro, heal up quick!

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            I'm really glad that your ok, the bike can be fixed.

            Everyone should practice their emergency braking. You should be able to brake very quickly, in control, without locking up your brakes. Practice this so that it becomes second nature, in case you need to do it.
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              Here is where I got most of my parts to rebuild my bike.......great prices. They have OEM mirrors too


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                glad you made it out alright!
                sigpicLife is 5% what happens to you, and 95% how you react to it
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                  Sucks, but sure glad you're ok.
                  This is only the beginning.


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                    I'm glad that you are okay! Could have been so much worse.


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                      That sux dude. But yep, gotta wear that gear!
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                        Good to hear that you're ok, sorry about the bike......but that can all be repaired. After reading this, finally went out and bought the gear.


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                          Glad to hear you're OK.

                          Now get the bastige that broke the law!

                          I poured spot remover on my dog. Now he's gone.