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New member with pics of my katana project

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  • New member with pics of my katana project

    I have wanted to restore my Katana for a while now. It was my brother in laws bike before he gave it to me and he had low sided on it and scraped the body work. I looked at repairing and replacing some of the broken panels. I found it was just easier to order the pre-painted body kit from eBay sellers out of china. So today I embarked on the task of tearing down the bike.

    I need to paint the tank a contrasting color but before I can do that I need to prep it and fill a couple of dents. I used a weld rivet gun to get the dents out and then used aluminized body filler.

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    Nice, keep updating the progress as you go. Should look great when you're finished.
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      I first I was thinking that's a nice looking red colored Kat. But then the I saw the copper color and that's even better.

      Where's the link to the seller?
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        welcome to KR and great color change ...whats that costing you ?


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          yeah , what's the cost on that ? how's the fit and finish ? do they offer a kit for pre's ? who's the seller ? if it looks as good in person as in the pics it's sweet !


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            that orange looks pretty slick!
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              I had to go look at my bike to be sure - lol. But there is an extra stripe on those panels originating at the turn signal hole and sweeping back to the tank. I'm not sure if I don't like it...can't wait to see the final product to make up my mind.

              BTW - that copper/orange color is awesome!

              OH! and don't throw away the old plastics. I'm sure you could sell them on fleabay and recoup some of your costs.
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                Looks great........nice color choice and decals


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                  Yeah, I would be interested to know where you got those...good luck with the project!


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                    I got them off of eBay from this guy

                    Here are some shots of the entire kit. it's basically all you will need with the exception of the tank and grab bar.

                    Fit is okay so far. Ive only tested a few pieces. I'll reserve my opinion when I put the last screw in. The finish looks killer. I corresponded with the seller about getting something in red so I wouldn't have to paint the tank but the orange glow was too sweet to pass up. Plus I wanted to take care of a couple small dents anyway.

                    Yesterday I could see that the aluminized bondo wasn't setting up up so I took it off and went with regular Car bondo. So today I got to do a bit of work on it. I think with a little bit of touch up with some glazing putty and I'll be ready for primer and paint.

                    I can't dedcide whether to go with silver or white on the tank and grab bar.


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                      I'd go white, I think the silver might be a bit too much.


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                        welcome to KR, Its looks sweet goood job!!!!!
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                          Very the color.
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                            looking good! welcome & keep it up!
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                              Looks nice...It'd be nice if you could get the paint code and do the tank orange.
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