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    Anyone know what mods you can do to the motor to get more HP out of it. I know rejet and pipe it, looking to get more HP out of it. NO NOS. Been around bikes and cars all of my life, just don't know what is out there for the katana. Mine is a 2001 model. Also anyone make parts to put this thing on a diet.

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    I built the 600 motor with just about every bolt on and still only got 75rwhp

    No replacement for displacement
    go for 750,1127 or 1200 swap if your looking for more HP

    If you don't want to do a engine swap then FP Stage 1 Jet Kit,FP 5 Degree Ignition Advancer,FP Shift Kit(won't give you HP but will save your tranny), Grind out the welds on your header, Slip On, Chain and Sprockets, GSXR750 cams, Stock Air Filter. Not much more you can do after that really with a 600 unless you go all out Arsenic
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      Try running a search for this topic. It's been covered a lot.

      Common answers will be:

      Jet Kit


      Ignition advance


      and if your name is Arsenic, 36mm Mikuni flat slide smoothbore carbs
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        Originally posted by mreedohio View Post
        Not much more you can do after that really with a 600 unless you go all out Arsenic
        This made me LOL. For 2 reasons, those of us that know what your talking about, and the thought of a newbie having absolutely no idea what your talking about.

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          no replacement for displacement is right. I have a 600 punched to 793 cc's. I only had to get a 1991 GSXR 750 cylinder block and custom made 72mm pistons to do that. It cost about $2,500. I also got a 750 head ported and machined, and I did ALL the work (except machining and the over bore) myself. I also got $800 dollar Crower con rods. So you can do all kinds of things to a 600 platform. Let me rephrase, I can do all kinds of things to a 600 platform. I also had to bore the crankcase to make the cylinder block fit.
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            I am doing Chris's head right now & CP Pistons is making the pistons for it. Crower is making the rods right now also. I am also having Cam Motion make a custom grind cam set for it too & this bike should see close to 130 at the back wheel & be "ride across the country" reliable. Ray.
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              now that Ray has spoken, let me say. I have given him a $2500 DEPOSIT while that is a big chuck of the cost, there will be more.


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                What Ray and Arsenic are doing with his 600 is the ultimate for a 600!
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                  yes, yes it is. It doesn't get more modded then that. If it did, I would do it.
                  oh, and the $2500 I gave Ray doesn't include the cost of the 750 head and the 91 GSXR cylinder block. That was another ~$450. So yeah, you can make a 600 have MORE horse power than a stock Katana 1100. Can you do it for $1 dollar. Uuummm...NO.
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                    Originally posted by sharpie6 View Post
                    try running a search for this topic. It's been covered a lot.
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