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Funny Story plus Bike Update

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  • Funny Story plus Bike Update

    So, when I bought my bike it was in pretty bad shape (see my other post) mechanically and physically. Lots of screws missing, lots of small things (i.e. bar end weights) missing as well. I've been getting parts and fixing it up (clean carbs, new stay bracket/headlight) and although everything isn't perfect I like how it's coming along.

    Anyway, so I was browsing the forums today and in the mechanics section I read about a poster (can't remember name, avatar was a cat with a fruit on its head) who thought his chain fell off. After getting the bike home he found the head of a hammer stuck between the sprocket and the trans...turns out he also busted a hole in the cover and is leaking oil. around 12:30AM I decided to go fiddle with the tach's contacts trying to get the damn thing working. Tried multimeter and some other stuff but several burnt fuses and one bottle of rubbing alcohol later I decided to sit down and just which point I started to look at my chain and how crappy looking it is...and I see a small nub sticking out of some metal...I start thinking hmm I wonder what it is...probably something to keep the chain on or something for the chain to rub against if it is too loose so you know. Then I went to touch it...and it came off.....lo and behold its my missing bar weight...just chilling above the front sprocket waiting to fall.

    Bike Update: Got it running really well today and rode it around the parking lot (still no tags) but at night when I was messing with the tach it would no longer start up fed up and will mess with it tomorrow.

    Thought I'd share...
    -Duo Maxwell
    Ride on, CyberPoet. You will be sorely missed.

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    Glad you found the weight. Could have turned out like the hammer issue. Always look in the most unusual places to find things you drop.


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      Lol the guy is HemiKat, ironic that you both experienced this so closely together.


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        Wow! That's pretty crazy that it just stuck up in there like that without falling.
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          My guess would be with the size once it gets drug into the cover by the top rung of the chain, it gets wedged when it can't make the radius around the sprocket and just sits there waiting to destroy stuff lol.
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