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Took her out for the first time today, fully assembled(except mirrors).

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  • Took her out for the first time today, fully assembled(except mirrors).

    Hey guys, so I got my clutch finally bled last night at around 12:00, I chose to let the neighbors sleep and wait till today after work to try it out, brought it up to my shop and sprayed off the engine and bike before installing all the plastics.. She looks good, Friggen Fast!! the clutch started to slip, and I noticed my clutch lever had alot of pressure, so I let it take in just a tiny bit of air to give a bit of play on lever.. Runs great now... Aired up the low tires too, what a difference.. needs a headlight bulb and a few more screws to completly have the fairings and mirrors attached.. I'll take photos tomorrow, and I have to sign up at photobucket or something eh to post them????
    Also I noticed the front forks/shocks, SUCK haha.. they arent too bad on the flat but in dips and bumps they almost bottom out... Any recommendations???? I want to do the R6 rear shock conversion, I work at a GM dealership and the paint guy said It was about $300 for an employee to get his canopy painted so It would only be like $150-200 to get my whole bike done professionally.. Thats sweet!!!!
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    Congrats! sound like your going to have you hands full with that big Kat. Enjoy be safe.
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      Thanks buddy, ya I know I'm going to enjoy this summer a lot...


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        Originally posted by 88GSX1100F View Post
        Friggen Fast!!!
        I know! sick aint they! you should try mine! its even stupider!
        WOW! your bikes really fast! you were flying when i passed you!

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          Sweet! Have fun!