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new dude here, is this a good deal?

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  • new dude here, is this a good deal?

    well i types suzuki katana forums into google and your site was the 1st to pop up. i am originally from motorized bicycles, and last october i graduated to mopeds. now i am turning 16 on july 7th and i want a bike that can keep up with my dads 127" harley (please no harley hating i treat all bikes equal)

    anyway, i came across this on craigs and i was wondering if yall thought it was a good deal, being katana owners.

    im gonna try to get him to trade me for one of my scoots.

    if he says yea and yall think its a good deal i will go with my dad to take a look at it. he said the tires are cooked and
    he said

    "The bike has has shows 16000. miles but i'm sure it's alot higher than that"

    he said it ran when he parked it so im guessing carb issues from sitting with gas in it...

    thanks alot!!! glad i found this forum!!

    edit, he said he wants $800 for it
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    Take your pops with you and have a look at it. 800 dont seem unreasonable at all, at least from what the pics show.

    Welcome to KR!
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      New tires, battery, oil change with a new filter, probably install a new stock air filter, clean the carbs out good, fresh gas in the tank and new spark plugs and it will probably fire right up. Then just hope the clutch and transmission are ok (trans is usually not a problem with the 750's). For $800 or a trade for a scooter you no longer want it sounds like a good deal with how clean the plastics look. You could always part it out later if it didn't run and get most of it back. Should keep up with a 127" Harley fairly decent, as long as it's not strictly 1/4 mile racing. You should have much better handling and better top speed than the Harley.
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        Take cash, from the little pics, it looks pretty clean.
        No pics yet
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          I would be all over that for $800...

          But then that is how my bike used to look....

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            Welcome to KR

            +1 on the tranny issue. If second is buggered, RUN AWAY!!!!!
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              if you have some extra money ...tha tags tires and chain could add up fast ...just sold a GPZ-600 it had new tires and clutch and it went 96 in 4th gear ..but needed a chain ...the extras add up quick


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                Welcome to KR! If I had $800 extra I would be all over that.
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                  thanks for all the feedback!

                  if hes willing to trade, i will go to see it, im still waiting on a reply. im also going to ask him about the tranny, clutch and what have you. to be fair he never said outright it ran when he put it there, so im kinda skeptical, and he said i should come look at it before i decide cause his i-phone doesnt take very good pics........

                  using craigs alot, thats a pretty goood sign that when i get there hes gonna tell me the motor is fried or somthing huge..... or i may just be over reacting, i dunno.

                  he also said he would have a title for me in 2 weeks, what does that mean?

                  looking at it again, im kinda sketchy about the whole thing...

                  if he dont want to trade, i think ill have a pretty hard time tring to convince my parents to loan me the money, considering i dont have a job. i was planning to pay for insurance by selling my ps3.

                  oh, btw if my dad registered this, having 2 harleys already and hes been riding for about 16 years and put me as a rider, any idea on insurance rates? i cant legally own it till i get my license and i am just gonna get the permit for now.

                  thanks alot!
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                    My insurance went up $500/yr adding 19 (almost 20) year old my son to my insurance policy. I was told it was because he is automatically insured to ride any bike I have on the policy (meaning my 600 Kat, and 700 Fazer), even though he is only actually riding the EX500 I bought for him and the wife to learn on.
                    '05 GSXR750, '86 FZX700 Fazer, wifes bike '02 R6


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                      thats probablly goning to be the same situation with me, or thats how he wants it. he basically wants me to learn on my own bike then he'll let me ride his other harley. i have a feeling though, the only time ill be riding that bike is when hes watching/with me lol


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                        well, the dude went and sold it behind my back, the whole time i was asking him his address and if i could come see it.

                        oh well. if anyone has some good leads on a bike for cheap, let me know. thanks!!