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New here. I want to replace my rear fender?

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  • New here. I want to replace my rear fender?

    Hey everybody, just signed up today. My father recently bought for me a Black 2006 Katana 600 as my first bike. I love it to death, but I've been looking into mods to make it a little sportier, so I can quit calling it a sport-touring bike . One of the things I would really like to change is the (bare with me, I don't know the parts) ¿rear fairing?

    So I have the Katana-

    But I like the aggressive rear seat of the GSX-R/CBR/everything else in the class

    And a happy medium would look like this, just removing some of the bulk.

    Is this possible? I tried searching the forum but obviously I don't really know what I'm looking for.

    Also, I would post pictures of my bike, but it has no personality yet .

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      What your looking for would need to be custom made, or modded by taking parts from other bikes to put on yours. All of that would be fairly intensive, and not just a bolt on option.

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        eliminating the rear fender will help alot, but as kreylyn said, if you want to go much further it's gonna take serious work. It's your first bike, I wouldn't worry too much about making it look sporty.
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