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Just an FYI about Bandit upper triples

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  • Just an FYI about Bandit upper triples

    I've seen it tossed around a few times that a Bandit upper triple may fit a Katana as a quick and simple way to get a set of risers on. I spent a few bucks and bought one in order to find out for myself.

    For reference, I've got a 1989 GSX600F. The fork spacing for the Bandit triple is a bit too wide to fit my Katana, so it was a no go unless I'm missing something fairly obvious. I'm not sure if the fork spacing is different for any other Katanas, but if it is, you're more than welcome to try (and hey, I've got an upper triple I'll sell )

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    Cool, thanks for the information. I had posted before that the Bandit 600 maybe an alternative handlebar risers as they are also 41mm forks. I'm curious if the 1998+ Kats are different in the fork spacing.
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