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renewing that old exhaust

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  • renewing that old exhaust

    ok, i have a old beat up yoshi exhaust, on my 96 600. i,ve been thinkin of repalacein it, but like the sound. so after a little thought, i figured that i would just polish it. so have at it fella's what kind of polish r u working with, or did u go a different rout, and make a new can?.

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    I vaugley remeber someone here getting a new outside stainless steel cover for their Yoshi by calling them to either purchase directly or through a distributor. What I don't remeber is if it was for a Pre or a Post Kat.

    So if it's so far gone to clean and polish it up you might try that route.
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      I painted the header black. It was an old Yoshi system that I bought used. Since then, I've mated to a Muzzy cannister. It sounds pretty good but it's a little loud for my taste.
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        Yoshi made cans out of various metals, so the type of metal would dictate the polishing method. BUT, as squiggy noted, you can order the metal wrapper for the can (ditto the noise-reduction material inside for a lower-pitched tone if the existing baffling material is old) and drill the rivets, remove the old one, replace it with the new one.

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          yeah the polish does depend on the metal, and a nu sleeve cover would be the best bet, but if you like the way it sounds now dont replace the guts in the can or it will sound very different than it does now
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