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Another Strange Riding Gear Post - In Illinois

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  • Another Strange Riding Gear Post - In Illinois

    I made a car trip this weekend to visit some friends that had traveled down from New York to SW Illinois. While traveling through Ill I noticed many riders on all types of bikes that were wearing gear with no helmets. The ones that really got my attention though were the guys on Sport bikes riding like they stole them that had full leathers or textile riding gear, gloves and boots with no helmets.

    One guy came past me on his Busa running about 80 or better I would guess in fairly heavy traffic weaving through traffic wear full Joe Rocket leathers, riding boots and gloves and all he had on his head were sunglasses and a do rag. I had to laugh at that one.

    Also saw a very nice looking female rider OK extremely cute and the chaps view was nice too riding her cruiser weaving through in town traffic wearing leather jacket, chaps, boot, but no gloves or helmet. Thought it would be a shame to see her pretty face messed up after an accident.

    Saw this from the time I left MO to the time I returned though there were a few riders that were wearing all the gear.

    Must be some pretty smart folks in that area or expert riders that will never crash. Or is it that helmets make us look like fatheads.....
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    I might ride in a t-shirt, maybe shorts from time to time. But never without a helmet.


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      I ride from home to school (four or five blocks) without a helmet...but usually, I'm the only thing on the road, and the dogs around here don't chase vehicles for the most part. I probably ought to wear a helmet though. I never go out on the highway without it. I see many people who don't wear much beyond flip-flops, shorts, and a T-shirt. Guess they've never fallen.

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        yeah that kinda makes you wonder.....seeing everything minus a helmet, I mean, what is the point if the central safety point is not met?
        oh well, even if that no helmet law gets completely passed here, you can bet I will always have all the gear, all the time : jettajake00 :jettajake00
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          Helmets are law here, and I keep my regesteration inside my Joe Rocket jacket so I dont have a choice but to wear my gear.


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            wearing a helmet is the law in new York but if it was not a law I would have a helmet on its for your protection and if you care about yourself you want to protect yourself as best as possible

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              No helmet law here in Colorado, but I still wear it...and full gear. I have dumped a few bikes and each time the helmet took the damage. I won't get on a bike without one.


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                its the law to wear a helmet here in the uk - your head is the most vulnerable part of your body - it controls the rest of you - no point trying to protect anything else if you dont protect your head
                i NEVER go out with less than a jacket gloves helmet and boots EVER
                i pitty the fool that dont ride oldskool


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                  Originally posted by DreKat View Post
                  Helmets are law here, and I keep my regesteration inside my Joe Rocket jacket so I dont have a choice but to wear my gear.
                  Thats a good idea. That would help if your bike ever got stolen too.
                  Let's go riding!


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                    they must have amazing bodies or they just dont like there head lol :P


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                      FULL gear or no riding, remember that you can always buy new gear but you cant buy new skin!



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                          there is no helmet law here in nh and i am amazed at how many people don't wear helmets. i would say about 50%. my favorite is the people who strap their helmet loosely around their elbow. they are usually people who ride up from MA and take their lid off when the cross the border


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                            Future Organ donors is what they are.

                            Crashing won't ever happen to them
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