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  • New - Air Powered Battery...


    Normal batteries work by converting oxides (such as lithium cobalt oxide); this new battery still needs to be charged, but as the oxygen content drops, it sucks air in from outside the unit, replentishing the supply of one of the consumed chemicals (oxygen), which gives it theoretically about 10 times the total output capacity of a current-era sealed lithium-ion battery of the same size, and it's lighter at the outset to boot.

    This may actually make battery-powered cars a reality, since a large portion of the weight-penalty of batteries falls away and the range-to-dead increases dramatically.

    More here:
    And here (for the less technical):

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    Also, electric powered bikes! Its just a matter of time before IC engines are a thing of the past.

    Id commute on an electric bike. Plug it into my solar power energy source and no emissions!

    I think the fastest 1/4 mile is now an electric bike yes? Instant torque. All motorcycle makers are starting to mess with electric bikes and I know zero has been making em a few years. As soon as battery tech catches up.


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      I'd love to have one, but then how are you gonna rev at the hunnies?? maybe a dukes-of-hazzard horn ??
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        As long as I can still wheelie - yut ugh!