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Post carbs on a pre 750

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  • Post carbs on a pre 750

    Has this been done? Can this be done?

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    Yep, do a search for 750 carb swap. You don't use the throttle position sensor on the post carbs.

    See thread here. The thread's for a 600 but you'll get the idea.
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    Originally posted by jetmerritt
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      As long as the intake from the head will fit on the 98+ carbs, and the airbox boots will fit on the 98+ carbs, it's a bolt in operation.

      You'll need to plug one of the outlets on your pre-98 petcock. I used a vacuum cap and a tie wrap.

      You can leave the TPS on the carbs, you just won't be plugging it in (and it won't matter since your pre-98 CDI isn't looking for TPS input anyway). And just use one throttle cable..


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        I told you on your WTB thread this will work pre and post are both 36mm CV carbs. No, DO NOT plug a fuel outlet on the petcock. Run 2 lines off the petcock and "T" them into 1 line. BTW, I put 36mm RS carbs on a head suited for 32mm CV carbs. ANYTHING can be done Considering the carb swap thread that Trackerrrr posted is mine. I can safetly say I know WTF I'm talking about
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          the link is right but need to use the post back cable if usin 1 cable(unless po changed my cable it wasn't long enough to work on post carbs)