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    hey i just bought my first street bike it is a 05 GSX600F. i want a little more performance wise. what would give me more bang for my buck. i have been riding cruisers for years but have moved to the streetbikes. any help?

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    Welcome to KR
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      thanks man


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        Welcome to KR! Bear in mind the Kat is a sport-tourer, and due to her weight, not a true sport bike. You can add a carb kit and ignition advancer to perk up the mid-range power a bit.
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          im not wanting to make it a superbike or anything like that. i am just wanting a bit more. what am i looking at price-wise? where can i find good performance parts along with mods to customize?


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            These engines are a bit touchy. Coming from cruisers, you're probably used to putting on an air filter and pipes and picking up some power.

            These engines already have air filters and mufflers tuned to the carb. So, if you start changing stuff, you'll have to change a LOT of things.

            Have you really wrung it's neck yet? You might have more power than you think. RPMs are your friend with a little 4 cylinder.


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              i got out on the interstate this weekend and opened it up. i was pretty happy about the speed. i was already considering exhaust for it, but not sure what route to take. i have heard some tuning may be required on sport bikes. i just want a good sound. coming from my cruiser i am not used to such a quiet bike.


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                just a slip-on might be all you need , a jet kit might give you worse mpg. i know New York the take your bike because the noise law ..


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                  i live in alabama and we have no restrictions on noise for motorcycles, but i just want a good quality sound


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                    Drimmel out the header welds (free if you got a drimmel)
                    Stage 1 Jet Kit $130 ish
                    5 degree ignition advancer $50 ish
                    Shift spring (wont make you faster, but helps to save your tranny, and the kit CP sells comes with new header gaskets for when you drimmel them out) $40 ish
                    Add 2-3 Teeth on the rear sprocket (can get an entire sprocket and chain set for around $150)

                    Then... once that is done, if you want a new look/sound get a slip on... but it's not needed and won't really add much on the performance side.

                    After that, if that isn't enough... swap the motor for something else.

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                      welcome to kr!!


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                        where can i find an 1100 engine if i do want to do a swap?