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Saw 2 used bikes today -stored

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  • Saw 2 used bikes today -stored

    so went to look at a h-2 /74 today he also had a gs 1100 1985 with 21,000 miles on it and a vance and hinds pipe on it he said he rode it for 5-6 years but it got 15-20 miles to a was really clean and for sale for $1500 the clutch cover was a big as a basketball -almost ..the h-2 was $2500 he cleaned the carbs and tank and it fired right up after sitting 3-4 years ..he did not take my offer at $1600 but i got some free stuff out of a pile of parts he had - 6 steel clutch plates -3 oil lines and a clutch release all dicontinuited parts ,great score
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