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The Longest Ride.....

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  • The Longest Ride.....

    Whats the longest trip that any of you have gone on your kat????
    1997 Katana 600

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    sun up til sun down 3 days strait, camping on a tour around the great lakes.
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      600km on a camping trip!


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        1000km in one day, from Rottedam(NL) home to Tønsberg in Norway.

        And really it was not bad. I've gotten used to riding the Kat and I really like taking long trips on it.
        2002 GSXF 750


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          Buffalo to New York, about 8hrs or so - 400miles on a 2002 600. Very comfortable ride.


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            I was regularly doing 200-300 miles in a day when I had the Kat. On the gixxer, I think it was during the Cali Mini-Rally in march...about 400-450 miles that day.

            I'll be riding to the rally from CA to NC in July on it! 2600 miles!!! Each way!!!
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              on my Kat? like 200km, not long at all i know but I've only had it a month or so
              1999 Katana 750


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                One day, 6xx miles, one trip, 3xxx miles.
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                  About 500 miles.
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                    Made 900 mile roundtrip in two days from just east of New Mexico to San Marcos, the other side of home and was ready for more.

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                      from Calgary to Port Hardy and back - 1,500kms each way
                      took a week ('cause i was there for a wedding and visiting family and stuff), but did each way two days each

                      .. one month after getting my license, by myself lol - got my first ride in hail and rain and sleet on that trip. fun stuff!
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                        No ironman trips under my belt yet.

                        Only hit about 700 miles in a daytrip thus far, down through NC on the back roads, just for the hell of it. I easily put 200+ miles under the wheels pretty much every weekend that's rideable though. Doesn't hurt having a couple pretty pillions that love riding *grin*

                        Driven back and forth between San Francisco, CA and Virginia Beach, VA without stops a few times in a car. I think I'd like to try that on a motorcycle.



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                          I rode it to walgreens around the corner once. IT's like a block away. I really just prefer to have it parked in my garage to look at it. I like to refer to it as garage art.

                          Honestly just a couple hundred miles.
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                            From Phoenix AZ to Los Angeles, CA (400 miles), then all around Southern California the next day (~200 miles), then home to Phoenix the next day (another 400 miles). All on my pre 600.
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                              Around 1,000 miles the first day, 695 miles the second day, nothing notable third-fifth day (hanging about my destination, little riding in that area), and then the same distances home again... If I were younger or foolisher, I could easily have done that trip in a single day each way, but I gave up on that a couple decades ago when I fell asleep at the helm of a bike (for 17 miles -- woke up when it started running over the rumble strips or cats-eyes in the road). I regularly do about 680 miles each way in a single-shot to the KR Rally & home again every year...

                              I've done 2200 miles in the saddle at a single stretch once, but that was back when I was in my teens (and on a Honda 450).

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