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Been away, started bike up today v. problmes

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  • Been away, started bike up today v. problmes

    been away from the bike for about two months and came back to her today. Well the battery was dead, so charged it no problems, took a while to start but it finally did, then it would randomly rev up to 3-5k rpms.....what is causing this? it also backfired once.

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    My guess is bad gas, and the carbs are probably gummed up as well.
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      Originally posted by SGTJimbo_Kat600 View Post
      My guess is bad gas, and the carbs are probably gummed up as well.
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        It's carb time ~

        All you want to know is right here ~


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          Get some fresh gas in her, and add a bottle of Techron for good measure, before tearing into the carbs - that will help to clean up some of the gum and varnish that might be present.
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            best way to drain the gas?


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              1) remove Tank from bike
              2) Note which hose is the fuel line
              3) Place tank on Even surface with petcock hanging free (not sitting on something- so it does not get damaged)
              4) Insert a hose (I use a piece of medium sized Aquarium Air line) or place a large bucket under the Petcock
              5) Open the Gas Cap
              6) Turn Petcock to Prime
              7) let the tank drain- this is not drain and forget- I overflowed a 5 gallon Gas Can this way

              There ya go.

              Assembly is the reverse of above
              Make sure you have a can with at least a gallon of fresh gas to replace so the bike will fire- then get it to the gas station


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                Want an easier way ?
                Loosen fairing enough to gain access to fuel lines . Remove lines . Attach extra/spare lines , and run 'em to a can . Turn to prime . Go in house & have lunch whilst it drains .
                However , once the tank's empty , any crud in the will now be sitting at the bottom just WAITING for fresh gas to be dumped in . Now's a good time to take off the petcock to clean , and rinse out the tank . Which means using the above method posted by Rodimus anyway . But if you're sure there ain't gonna be much crud in the tank and ain't worried about it ......
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