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How far can you go on reserve

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  • How far can you go on reserve

    I have an 01 750 and this morning I went 15 miles, how much further can I go?

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    I've done 33kms, that's about 20 miles, cruising in 6th at 130km/h or 80mph.

    I've never completely drained her, and I hope never to. She's way too heavy to push and I don't trust the general public enough to leave her on the side of the road as I walk to the nearest gas station.


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      It's got 5 litres so it should take you just under 100km if you don't ride like a tard. I've pushed mine to around 80km on reserve before I found a servo and I was getting a little panicky.

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        thanks, i had to convert it to miles but now i got it thanks


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          5 litres = 1.32086026 US Gallons

          100 kilometers = 62.1371192 miles

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              I don't usually try and find out

              However, on the ZX14 we were going up the Cherohala Skyway last year and my reserve started flashing at me. We hadn't even finished going up the Robbinsville side yet. I was like there is no way I'm going to make it all the way to Tellico Plains. We go to pull up to this one gas station, I'm on fumes, and the pumps are shut down. Oh crap!!! We went farther down the road to get gas. I had literally like fumes in the tank.

              It took 5.8 gallons to fill up the bike, that is how much it holds total. That was too close for comfort. I don't think I would have made it another 100 yards more
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                Damn....I always thought the R stood for "Retard....get Gas!"
                On a more serious note ( for Canuckians)...... I rode home from Oshawa and the service center I was counting on was closed.......the "R" got me to Dutton and home. I swore I'd never let it get past 1/2 again on a road trip.
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                  I leave mine on R.
                  I just know to fill up around 150M or when the needle gets in the red.


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                    That needle will go WELL passed "E" before you need gas . I was lost in central Ohio when I found THAT out .
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