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Rebirth of the Katana

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  • Rebirth of the Katana

    Hi everybody. A few days ago I wrote to Suzuki asking them to reconsider on re birthing the Katana. It is a bike with it's own personality. I know Suzuki has the 650F but that's a toned down gixxer with gixxer fairings. The kat on the other hand, had it's own design. I personally find the 2001-2005 750 cc kat the best looking. Well, how about a rebirth. A 2010 Suzuki, katana in a 1000cc version with all the new tec stuff out there????!!!!! How do you guys think?

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    sounds good to me when are they going to put some pic of it


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      I have no problems with that idea
      2k6 Kat factory blue and white, lowered, mesh mod, shovel chopped, polished clutch and brake levers,V&H ss2r slip on, home made intagrated tail light, polished lips, 8k hid's and Joe's 40 led kit. All done by me learned from Katriders thanks.


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        I'd love that! Especially if they made it with a single sided swing arm.

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          sounds like a busa to me...


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            maybe they can start with the stratosphere,that looks like the early kat's if you squint at it
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              not gonna happen. The GSXF Katana is a bike that was cheap as possible. Suzuki is NOT gonna make a new Katana with all new technology. Never gonna happen, good thought though.


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                Naaaah... wishing for a new Kat with all kinds of tech really misses the boat IMO. Give me a bulletproof piece of tech, however dated, a comfortable ride and the versatility to do it all (tour and twistie) without looking totally dated (a classic look is NEVER dated). Oh, and get it done for 20% less money than a similarly sized SS bike.

                If you want a single sided swingarm with high tech liter motor, get in line... the Viffer guys have been salivating over the idea of a 1K V5 for YEARS.
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                  The idea of retiring the Kat seems sad but the concept of it having nothing like its original idea is equally as disturbing.


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                    Originally posted by Enjay386 View Post
                    The idea of retiring the Kat seems sad but the concept of it having nothing like its original idea is equally as disturbing.

                    Which is why I will NEVER consider the new 650 as a "katana"

                    ...and look on the bright side. In 10 years our bikes will be worth a ****load........ well ok maybe not


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                      The only way you're going to see Suzuki resurrect the Katana is if:

                      (A) The Germans demand a heavy restyling on the GSF/GSXF series to give it a different shape and dual-headlights. Before you laugh at this, Suzuki Germany's dealer network's demands is where all the impetus for the Katana's (ever since the original one by Target Design) came from, including the '88 restyling and the '98 restyling...


                      (B) They roll out the stratosphere and it harks back enough to the original (early 80's) Katana to qualify in people's minds as the Katana.

                      Officially, the Katana name is dead for the time being for motorcycles... They've been selling "Katana" scooters in Europe for almost a decade now (where the bikes were no longer named "Katana" since the '97 model year), and the name has a negative connotation associated with it in many "primary-market" countries (the US was never the primary market for the Kats; we got them as an after-thought).

                      I think the best we can hope for is that they pull their heads out of their butts and see that there is a need for a sport-tourer in their line-up... And with modern pollution control requirements, it'll never be as simple as the Kats were...

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