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Why do you ride a Katana?

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    Cause it's red.


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      I saw this picture when it first came out:

      Tore it out and said that one day I would own one.

      One year ago, I finally did. Perfect bike to learn on, but still has plenty to keep me entertained a year later. Comfort, ease of operation, lower cost without the sacrifice of quality. May not be the #1 in one field, but it is near the top in all fields, just a good all around bike.
      Thanks to KR, everytime I look at my bike, my wallet screams "NOOOOOOOoooooo"


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        I only ride to pick up chicks and do stunts.
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          Originally posted by Texas Blonde
          The Kat makes me happy and I'm the only one I need to please while out riding.

          + 1

          If you think you don't need a helmet, you probably don't.


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            When I'm out there riding my Katana I've noticed something...

            It does everything I want it to pretty well, and while I may not be the fastest guy out there, I do enjoy it, and don't feel the need to go any faster...

            Don't know, I'm quite pleased with it.
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              Like noted above:
              1) Looks
              2) Comfort
              3) Performance
              4) Price
              The katana is just about perfect....
              Alex - 03 750Kat for street, 01 DRZ400e for dirty fun stuff. Stay safe and ride well…


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                How about:

                Because I laid back slightly over 3k miles in the last 9 days... To/from the gap rally, at the gap rally, and railing around on my own

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                  I got my Kat because, it was the nicest looking bike with the fewest miles in my price range.


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                    Why a Katana?

                    I picked it because it's comfortable...Not too leaned forward and since I put the Corbin seat on it's way more comfortable...Plus has all the gages I need Speed, tach and fuel gage. It has nice lines and way fast enough for me!

                    Great all around bike does the twisties, highway...


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                      The Katana 750 just fit!!!!!

                      After owning everything from a Honda 250 XL to a Yamaha Venture I decided a sport tour bike was in the works. I didn't like the ST1300 and FJR1300 because they were TOO much tour and not enough sport and the CBR1000, R1 and Hayabusa were TOO much sport. I couldn't stay on my CBR for more than 20 minutes before my back hurt and my wrist/hands were numb. That left me with the Yamaha FZ1 and the Suzuki Katana 750. The Katana was cheaper and easier on insurance. It also came standard with a full fairing. The accessory world wasn't as kind to the Kat, but I got my Zero Gravity Sport Tour screen, Gel Grips, Throttle Rocker, Corbin seat, Nelson Rigg saddlebags and Joe Rocket tank and tail bags thrown in, so I was ready to go!!!! After buying it and talking with some other FZ1 owners, i'm really happy with my choice. They're both great bikes, but I got mine for less and I don't have to sell one of my chidren to pay taxes and insurance on it.
                      You can have my Kat when you pry my cold dead butt from upon it.


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                        I got the katana simply as a starter bike, never had a street bike, buddy of mine knew of a katan for sale super cheap and just needed some minor stuff done (new farings, rejeting etc)

                        sold it to keith (stupid stupid stupid me)

                        been missing it ever since, i rode r6's r1's cbrs everything since then, dont care to have a top theft bike when i can modify a katana and be confortable while riding it

                        Currently Looking for a pre 98 katana project


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                          Rock on all the props for the Kat. When I called around to all the local dealers and looking on cycle trader for ones in my area, nobody had any pre owned ones, except one place. He held it for me without me even seeing it yet till I could get in there and check it out. I fell in love with it the second i saw it. Good power, good looks, comfortable, and it fit me well. 17+ years of street riding and Im still quite content w/ this all around great bike.

                          Plus being part of KR makes the ownership of a Kat even better.


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                            Why Katana?

                            1) Loved the looks when I saw it at the dealership.
                            2) Sat on it - it felt great!
                            3) It only cost that much?

                            Since then, I have come to appreciate

                            1) Comfort
                            2) Reliability
                            3) Low insurance

                            I would do it over again in a second. I might get the 750 this time though. 8)

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                              After selling my '04 SV650S a few months ago I recently got the urge to ride again. This time I had every intention of buying a gixxer (I'm a Suzuki loyalist). While out browsing dealerships, looking for a used bike at a decent price, my wife pointed out the Kat. She loves the look of the Kat and had tried to talk me into one before I ever got my SV. So, I bought the bike for the purpose of riding it until my wife learns how to ride (MSF), then it'll be hers. But, in the week I rode it before I broke it, I actually enjoyed it. After hearing so much negative stuff about the Kats I really wasn't expecting much out of it, but I have been impressed. It's a great bike for so many things. It's like a jack of all trades, and does everything well enough to keep me happy. I haven't even thought about a gixxer anymore since I got Kat. I think my wife may have to fight me for it when she's ready.
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                                Pimps up, Ho's down.
                                -89 Gixxer 1100 Engine
                                -Stage 3 Jet Kit / KNN Pod Filters
                                -Ohlins Susupension
                                -Various Other Mods