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Clutch issue - need help.

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  • Clutch issue - need help.

    Backstory: Noticed a ticking noise last week that increased with speed. Thought I had a stone in the tire. Inspected tire - no stone. No nail.

    Couple days later took the bike again - noise still there. Get to work and inspect the tire - still clear...but I notice the chain is wicked loose. Figure that is what is causing the noise (bouncing off the swing arm or something).

    Take the bike to my dentist appointment and swing by my parents house (same town) to adjust the chain. 10 minutes later, the chain adjusted, I'm checking the play and notice the master link is coming undone! The outside plate is only being held on by 1 rivet. THIS IS WHAT IS MAKING THE NOISE. I decide to get the bike home. On my way, I lose the clutch. I figured the loose link kept swinging around and severed the clutch cable.

    So, I ordered a new clutch cable, master link, and chain tool. I go to work on it last night and remove the clutch cover....but the cable is fine?!?!?

    My theory: I now suspect the worm gear shaft was bumped out of the clutch cable mechanism. The shaft itself is fine and when I took off the cover, the shaft stayed attached to the bike side so I had no way of knowing if it was in fact still in the clutch cable mechanism. I can only assume that the repeated striking of the shaft by the loose link held it up during re-enagement and caused it to misalign with its spot in that mechanism.

    Any thoughts? Should I be looking at anything else?

    I ran out of time and energy last night but I plan on putting the cover back on (along with shift pedal) and seeing if it now works since I put it back with the shaft in the correct alignment.

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    Upon further reflection, I wonder if the worm gear set screw backed out due to the repeated beating of the shaft (LOL - OK, I had to chuckle after typing that).

    I'll tighten the cover back on tonight and then go through the clutch adjustment steps to see if that helps.

    Any other thoughts would be appreciated.


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      Just a follow up (for any interested):

      It was in fact the worm gear shaft set screw that had backed out. Reattached the cover and popped off the little rubber cover over the worm gear and the set screw had backed WAY out. Tightened it up again, set the lock nut, readjusted the fine adjustment at the lever, and all is good.

      Installed the new master link and readjusted the chain.

      All set now.

      So now I have (2) extra clutch cables. One brand new (just purchased but never installed) and one older one (still in great condition - forgot I had this one before I ordered the new one).
      *Note to self: pull the clutch cover before ordering ANOTHER clutch cable to make sure that is what needs replacing - not the worm gear cable attachment and not that the set screw has backed out.

      If anyone needs a clutch cable, let me know...