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do I need to grease anything on the bike

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  • do I need to grease anything on the bike

    The manual indicates there are some grease points on the bike...I dont see any. Anything I need to oil or grease other than the chain?

    06 600

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    all the grease zerks, the swing arm one comes to mind first.
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      I guess I'll take a better look tonight but I just didn't see any fittings.


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        I have an 06 600. I just looked at the rear swing arm and I didn't see any grease zerks on it, and I haven't seen any elsewhere. maybe a joke...

        But, because I am a maintenance junkie, I think I will go over the bike tomorrow and maybe hit all the little pivot points with a little lithium spray grease. I am thinking the shifter, rear brake, front brake, clutch and both kick and center stand pivots.

        I think the rear swing arm bearings can wait to be repacked until the chain is replaced. Maybe do the front steering bearings at the same time as that.

        It is a good idea to flush your brake fluid every year as it is hygroscopic. Meaning it absorbs water / moisture. I found on my old bike it made a noticeable difference in lever feel and travel.

        Some people like to lube their cables too. Something I have never got into, but maybe something like a little silicone spray or something would help there.

        What I think anyway, you can neglect almost everything on a cage and it will just quit or break but you will be ok. On a motorcycle maintenance is very important as, if something wears out and lets go, you may die.



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          I don't think the kat's have any zirc fittings on them, but if you check out the wiki you'll find the service manuals which indicate where things can be greased.

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            In the manual section 1.2 describes the lube points for you
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              Cant speak for the posts, but my 92 600 has two grease fittings on the swing-arm pivot.
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                really !? ima go look on my 94 600
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                  From the manual

                  Section 1.2, Item 30, #2...

                  The suspension is not equipped with grease nipples. Remove the swingarm and suspension linkage as descrived in chapter 5 for greasing of the bearings.
                  I have not seen any grease nipples anywhere on my Pre... and I've had just about every part of it at one point or another.

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                    Sorry I lied, I was thinking of my Honda.
                    Originally posted by arsenic
                    93 octane fuel and K&N pod filters rock.


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                      Yes lots of them
                      Steering bearings and swing arm bearings, suspension pivot points
                      you need to grease the brake pivot point, shifter pivot point, side stand pivot points.
                      also the brake and clutchlever bolts/pivots.
                      you should also grease the caliper slide pins
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                        No grease fittings on my Kat. I took the swing arm off and packed every bearing with grease. Didn't get to the head tube bearings yet. packed all wheel bearings.


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                          Dang, I didn't think about that or I would have greased up the bearing while I was changing out my sprockets and chain last weekend.


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                            Kick-stand pivot, center-stand pivot -- every oil change.
                            Wheel bearings -- every time tires are swapped.
                            Swing arm bearings -- every fifth year or so.
                            Shock-pivot bearings -- every 2nd year, when you do the fork oil replacement.
                            Steering stem bearings -- every 2nd year, when you do the fork oil replacement.

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