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First ride in 8 years today, and 1st ride on new kat!!

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  • First ride in 8 years today, and 1st ride on new kat!!

    I took my 91' katana 750 out for the first time today, and it was my first ride since 2001! I'm happy to report that the bike performed perfectly, and I didn't do so bad myself being 100lbs heavier than the last time I rode. I did kinda prep for the ride, if you can call it prep by renting a scooter in Miami beach last week when I was on vacation.....I know it sounds stupid but it at least gave me the feeling of being on two wheels before taking out the Katana. So maybe this is technically my second ride. Hats off to Mambopalace for selling me a sweet bike, it really is in impeccable shape, I was almost too nervous to ride it for fear of potentially damaging the perfect plactics with my rusty skills.....but the cobwebs are shook off, and I'm back in the mile at a time.

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    Congrats on getting back out there. Can't blame ya for being a little nervous jumping on a clean bike after so long. lol
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      Awesome, congrats!
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        Congrats on getting back on the bike.


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          I remember leaving the dealership last june on my new to me 05 gs500f after not being on a bike since 99 what a great yet scary feeling. congrats on the new ride.


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            Congrats on the ride, I am sure there were alot of emotions running through you....At least for me there were a lot of emotions going through me on my test ride of the Katana, and later that night the drive home, as that was the first time I had ridden in a couple years and first lengthy ride since my accident 4 years ago.

            BTW I saw that bike in the classifieds, very, very beautiful!
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