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Don't label me a squid, but a random question

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  • Don't label me a squid, but a random question

    I know how most everyone on the site feels about squids, and the lack of gear some people wear. I generally always wear a lid and gear, but every now and again, if I feel like a nice leisurely ride, I'll go lidless in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and take a nice long ride on some desolate country roads. I feel pretty safe by doing this, because there is really no real volume of traffic, and most of the roads I ride on are wide open, and you can see a great deal on both sides of the road, so if an animal or something would run out, I believe i'd have adequate braking time. I guess i'm just wondering if there are a lot of other people that do this on occassion? or if I'm clearly just squidly. I guess it kind of goes to the old saying of the "open road" and the "wind hitting your face" that appeals to me from time to time. Anyone else guilty??????? Oh, and be nice to me, today is my birthday.

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    Just kidding!

    I don't personally ride without a helmet. Anything could happen to you out there. It's all about the risk you're willing to take; how much protection you want. Riding should be about how you want to do it, don't worry about other people calling you a squid. Just keep in mind though, you could always hit sand, rocks, dirt, animals, etc. even if there's no traffic around.


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      the debate will rage on for as long as their are motorcycles.. so basically its never ending..

      You have to ride how you feel comfortable and confident. thats really what it comes down too.

      For me, riding w/out a helmet, jacket, and boots and gloves ATLEAST, is a no no.. cant bring myself to ride in anything less, no matter what the weather. There's just too many variables and sudden occurences that may happen. even if they never had before, there's always a first time.


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        Man, you are NUTZ to be riding without at least a helmet of some kind.

        I can't ride without lots of gear on. I don't go anywhere without looking like a power ranger, quite frankly. (See Avatar at left) :P

        I've been around long enough to have seen accidents involving friends--who are safe and good riders--that were not their fault at all.

        ...and I mean at all.

        Blown tires, deer, dogs, a tractor pulling out around the corner or over the rise, oil spill, a jacket bugeed to the back of the bike working loose in the wind and going into the rear wheel, gravel spill, new pavement, etc. ALL of 'em in supposedly "safe" rural, low-traffic areas.

        People are free to make their own decisions, obviously, but jeez as thoughtful as you can about this.

        If we ever reach the point where we can't openly discuss riding bikes on acid without even a modicum of civility, then the terrorists have won.

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          Happy Birthday Big D.

          Wanna make sure you have another, or at the very least remember the last one. At least put a Helmut on.
          Did you guys know that Indian Larry's Lethel seat standing trick was done at about 30 mph. That's it.

          I really don't know how anyone can ride without one, and eye protection. I've had Bumble Bees hit my visor so hard it nearly knocked me off my seat.
          The same goes for my hands . I have to wear gloves. I swear I've had stuff like bugs and rocks, hit my knuckles so hard I thought I'd broken a bone.
          And not to mention the numerous bees that have flown down my shirt when I wasn't wearing a jacket. And that time that bird hit me in the chest.

          I just don't get It. Can you imagine playing in the NFL. Standing on the line of scrimage, and being the only one without gear. As you look around what would you be thinking? (I'm perfectly safe here. I'll just be here for a few minutes)

          Uh huh?
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            Ok, let me be the first to step out of line a little bit. I ride to work every day in jeans, jacket (not leather), leather gloves, and helmet. I will ride with no helmet, gloves, or jacket on occasion, but honestly, I can't stand going more than about 25-30 without a helmet, so that's it. I might run to the gas station from work (about 1/2 block) with no gear. I wouldn't ride like that for very long, and certainly not very fast.
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              and remember, no matter how far ahead you can see.. it only takes a split second for a deer, groundhog, rabbit or other forest creature to go on a suicide mission right in front of you..


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                I used to take the occasional ride without any gear. Now though, I always wear my helmet, gloves, and jacket. 90% of the time I'll wear boots and about 20% of the time wear my riding pants. My boss mentioned to me the other day how hot (temperature) I looked in the jacket (about 92 degrees that day). I replied that I'd rather sweat a little than have skin graphs. It's tempting sometimes to ride without my gear, but if I wreck, I don't think that I would forgive myself knowing my injuries could have been reduced or possibly prevented.
                I think it first hit home when I saw a guy riding his bike with his lid strapped to the back seat. I thought how that guy would feel if he wrecked and hit his head, would he think "D'oh!, if only I strapped it to my head not my seat".
                When I really thought about it, it became a risk I wasn't willing to take.
                'He who is not afraid will always be safe'
                --Lao Tzu


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                  No lid means big yellow coupon in Canada, so I always have my lid on.


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                    Bigdogdeee, If you would like to have more birthdays I'd keep wearing my lid if I were you. I used to work in a hospital and I've seen a few bad bike accidents. Remember accidents happen when we least expect them. Just my 2 cents worth, now go have a great birhtday!
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                      Please wear your helmet: If not for yourself, for others....

                      US: Highest number of eye or eye part donors -> motorcyclists


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                        I have been known to make an afternoon beer run around the corner with total squid attire. Shorts, tank top, no helmet, glasses. Even so far as to go down to the dealer or whatever. The corner store was about 1/4 miles and in the neighborhood.

                        Don't do it anymore since I almost got ran over by a drink woman in a Suburban running a stop sign. It is a rare day in hell when I don't have everything on except maybe overpants.
                        MSgt, USMC (Retired)


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                          Listen folks wear what you want to wear.

                          But dont make the mistake of thinking because its a short ride, or because you are taking it easy on some back road that you are safe. Its just an ignorant concept.

                          I SOMETIMES ride without a jacket, but never without a helmet. Its a choice I make. But dont do it because you have convinced yourself that you are safe, because you arent. Its a risk that you are willing to take
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                            I used to be really bad about not wearing my gear, but since my ear infection, I have been wearing my helmet all the time because it keeps the wind from hitting my ears. Even in the 96 degree weather here this past weekend, I always had my lid on. I did start off with my jacket, but I was getting so hot and uncomfortable, I was not riding safe, so off it came, and I was able to concentrate on the road a lot better.

                            Wear what you want to wear, but just understand the consequences of what can happen either way. As for me, I am going to look into getting a mesh jacket.
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                              i always wear a helmet, reguardless...

                              gloves are always on, and i always have some form of jacket on.. beit with the r-jays jet-stream jacket, or the nitro codura one, or the collins leather one ive just went and bought.

                              the very minimum i wear for the legs is jeans, tho i feel more confident in the leathers.

                              i only use my leather pants and riding boots when im actually going for a fang on the twisties.