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One of those days.....

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  • One of those days.....

    Wife took her car to get inspected on Monday...the guy wouldn't pass it because he said it needed a tire...but he would be glad to ORDER that tire and replace it for $175 (yes that's (1) tire that can be had on Tirerack for $80). So I tell the wife to let him put the rejection sticker on it. It gives me 15 days to fix it, and if I do it within the 15 days the station has to inspect it again for free.

    So I call a guy I we're looking to maybe get rid of her car sometime soon, I didn't really want to spend $400+ for a set of tires. He has tons of dealer take-off's. He finds me a set of NICE used tires, exact brand and all that came on the car. That was MONDAY afternoon.

    He moved them to a corner in his shop, TAPED them together, attached a big note "DO NOT MOVE - TIRES ARE SOLD"

    I took this morning off to go get the tires done.

    So of course I show up at 8am, he goes in the back to grab the tires...and two of 'em are missing. I mean they CUT the tape, left the note and took two of the tires.

    He was almost as ticked off as I was. Luckily only two of the tires really needed replacing (only 38K ) so he puts 'em on for me at a good deal.

    I then drive to the inspection place. Have to wait 45 minutes "because they are backed up". When I walk to the side of the building, while making a business call, I see all of the shop guys outside the shop door just BS'ng.... I recognize one of 'em, and he asks what I'm doing there. I tell him..he grabs the keys and checks the tires, puts on the inspection sticker..

    He then reminds me as I'm getting in "by the way..don't forget, the tags on that thing ran out YESTERDAY!!!"

    AAARGH.... I don't drive my wife's car at I didn't realize. So I of course drive to the DMV....After paying over $50 to RENEW her tags / registration....I start heading towards the house so I can get the Kat and head to work.

    So I hop on the Kat, turn on my MP3 player and down the road I go. The day got better QUICK...wasn't fighting my normal morning commute traffic, and the weather was nice.

    I get THREE BLOCKS from my parking garage, and a city Police Officer pulls a U TURN in traffic to pull me over.

    So I pull over, he pulls in behind me...and I ask why he pulled me. He said he couldn't see my inspection sticker....well true enough, it hit me that I never got my bike inspected after tearing apart the forks the last time. So I'll take the blame for that. But he saw that I didn't have an inspection sticker from across 4 lanes of traffic.

    Anyway, he was nice enough. He did make the comment "At least you've got the Motorcycle endorsement" when he took my license.

    So after 15 minutes or so ...he walks up with his ticket book and starts talking motorcycles with me...turns out he is up to start riding the BMW's his department bought...and we shot the breeze for a good while.

    He gives me a summons for my lack of inspection. Give me a couple of months to show up...I ask him if I can come by the department and show him the bike is inspected etc....without going to the courthouse. He said no problem.

    And he did mention I shouldn't have my MP3 player in while riding. Said it's illegal. I mentioned the State law says you can use one (1) earphone - and that's what I do....he said "really? I didn't know that... I'll have to look that up for future reference..."

    And to top it all off...

    I just ordered a new Z6 for the front...YAY!!! Spend more money....

    $109 SHIPPED from motorcyclesuperstore.... FYI

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    Dang that sounds like how my mornings would go. So glad michigan doesnt have inspections.


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      Originally posted by joshr08 View Post
      Dang that sounds like how my mornings would go. So glad michigan doesnt have inspections.

      Neither does OH!!! I can't tell if the story ended on a good or bad note.....Hope it was good though
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        we have to do emission testing every other year on our cages , safetys only if changing ownership
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