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do i have to rejet?

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  • do i have to rejet?

    bike is a 2006 kat 600, just bolted on a yoshi rs3 zyclone slip -on without installing the sound restrictor. every thing else is mechanically stock. do i have to get a jet kit(ivan's) or will it hurt the motor to run it like it is? should i install the noise restrictor until i get a jet kit in it to play it safe? any and all suggestions and advice is appreciated. putted around on it for about 10 minutes after the install, keeping the r's under 5 till i find out more info. man, what a difference , the sound, acceleration . it reminded me a little of my friends gixxer 6 ,same year. maybe i'm puttin a little on it, and i couldn't really tell at those lower r's so much, but the weight difference alone got me a horse or two right there. thanks for lookin guys
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    Install the sound restrictor & go ride it & see how it feels, if it pulls hard, & see if it "pops" on decelleration. Let us know the results. Ray.
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      And don't mistake "sound" for "power" like the Harley dweebs do .....
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        so heres the deal....

        so here's the deal, with the sound restrictor in it doesn't hardly afterfire(popping), just a little around 4 to 3 grand, that's it. with the sound restrictor out, it afterfire substantially, fromabout5 and a half on down decelerating, but no true backfires, only afterfires, and no snapping, just popping. for sure i think i'll get the ivan;s stage 1 cause it sounds and feels better witout the restrictor. so here's my next question: is it conceivable for me to install the jet kit myself, and has anyone else done it themselves( tips, please?). i would rather send the 500 clams in labor on more goodies. thanks ray and md, and anyone else with some knowledge to share
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          Get the jet kit and if you don't want to do it yourself, some members have offered in the past to install them for ya. Is it really necessary with the slip on? I can't answer that as for I have a full Yoshi exhaust.


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            its not that i don't wana do it mysely, it's just i don't wana hurt a fairly flawless runnin machine ( so far). i've been wrenchin on cars for years, but i have been leary about wrenchin on the bike. i've replaced the signal generator cover and same side blinker housing( u no y) , eliminated the fender, installed integrated tail, the yosh can, all those without any probs, but all that stuff is pretty simple.i just love my kat so much(oh please god don't let me hurt her) , u know?
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              A jet kit is always a good idea, but not required with a slip on. Have you tried going out an extra quarter turn on the A/F screws?
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              but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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                no... but i just might, thanks scotty. ok, so in the world of car mods, afterfire is no big deal,. is it different with bikes cause of the shorter (overall) exhaust? i dunno..
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                  Don't know about that last part, but definately don't be afraid of doing the jet kit yourself. (Ivan's of course)

                  Honestly, the hardest part of doing a jet kit is getting the friggin throttle cables hooked back up. If you get in there deep enough to turn the A/F screws out a bit, you've already got the carbs off. The float cover screws can be a pain too, that's why Ivan sends new ones in his kits.
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                    How to put in your jetkit at my website:

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                      thanks cp, and everybody else. you guys are kr's for sure
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