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How do I check what kind of chain I have?

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  • How do I check what kind of chain I have?

    can anybody tell me how I can check to see what kind of chain I have? I am being told that I might have to remove 2 links.... it seems so loose! I may have to order it but the mechanic says he may have a master link in stock.. Im being told but they want to know what kind of chain it is? Can anybody help? How do I figure this out...
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    My DID chain is stamped with it's name and the type of chain, 530 if I remember correctly, on the links themselves. Maybe it's 520.
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      If the mechanic doesn't know, find another mechanic. If they're trying to take out links because the slack is too much, find another mechanic. The only reason to change links is if you've changed sprocket sizes.
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        I'm with brooder on this one.
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          Theres a spec somewhere to check chain stretch, if its out of spec it needs to be replaced.. Im sure someone on this site knows what lenght it should be.
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            yeah if you cant adjust the chain out to the correct amount of slack it probably nedds to be replaced altogether or may be an aftermarket chain already, and personally i would replace it. chains don't make good ankle bracelets
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