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Katana for err "mature" rider?

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  • Katana for err "mature" rider?

    I'm 62 and until recently rode a Honda VT500.

    Most of my riding would be local trips with some highway miles at perhaps 65-70 mph and with luck maybe one longer trip a year. My wife has no interest in motorcycling so I ride solo. I'm 6'0 and about 185.

    Not interested in wheelies, stoppies, or warp speed. I'm sure the Katana 600 has much more than adequate power for my needs.

    I've read that the Katana is considered one of the more comfortable sport bikes and would welcome comments from other riders in my age bracket - if there are any on this forum - as to rider comfort.

    I've been looking at the DL650 but find the Katana visually more appealing.

    I would like to add hard luggage but the Givi website does not show brackets for the newer Katanas - might anyone know of some other brand that offers luggage for the Katana?

    Thanks and ride safe.


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    The Katana is a somewhat comfortable sport bike...

    Even more comfortable, with definite Givi hard luggage availability is the Yamaha FZ6.

    Be aware, the Katana 600 has lower bars than the Katana 750. The 750 is a more comfortable machine...


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      I have the Givi luggage on the 98+ Kat 600. You need a PL518 or PL525 wing rack to fit just the sidebags, or the full rack system if you want a topcase. The website is

      Personally, I think the Kat is probably just the ticket for you, provided the weight isn't an issue. It's a bit heavy of a beast, but that heaviness also translates into a smoother ride (better sprung vs unsprung mass ratios).

      I suggest you read the opening paragraphs of this:
      Katana explained, and upgrades.

      One thing to note: if depreciation is a serious issue for you, the Katana will probably take a very hard hit this year because it would appear that it will be obsoleted for model year 2006. This also means you should be able to drive a very hard bargin if you shop around well.

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        All I have to say on this is that if you are 62, and and enjoy riding....great for you. and the fact that you are considerring a kat says you are still a young gent, and will easily make it to 92
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          62 welcome in 64 its nice to have someone my own age here


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            whatever duff..

            you might also look at the v-strom 650.. they come with hard cases i think..

            Obsolete or not i love my kat..
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              welcome Ned. there is a lot of good stuff in here.


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                Welcome aboard Ned, I hope you find the right bike for you. I know this family of riders will have many ways to answer questions and we will most certainly try to point you in the right direction.
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                  Welcome aboard Ned, I'ts great to hear you are still riding at 62 years young. I just rode 500 miles today on my 05 750 and my butt could handle another 500 tommorow. I find the Kat very comfortable and I'm sure you would too. It's a great all around bike!
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                    The Vstrom would be a nice choice too, good call Z. If I were were you, and you want a nice comfortable sportbike and ur looking at a kat, the 600 would serve you well, however the 750 is more comfortable w/ the higher bars, so its less was previously mentioned.

                    Welcome to the site, if you choose a Kat, you'll have all the info you could ever need on it right here. Keep on riding safe !


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                      The 600 is good while, as stated, the 750 is more comfortable AND has a bit more juice.

                      I also anjoy my Bandit and you can pick up a used 600 on the cheap.
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                        Umm, those of you who suggested the VStrom... He already said he's been looking at it but finds the Kat more visually appealing... DL650 = Baby VStrom


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                          Ned -

                          Welcome! I have a 2005 Katana 600 (in fast red), and I have no major complaints. The seating position, while farther forward than the 750 (I sat on both before making my decision) is still plenty comfortable, and should serve your needs well. Do you have a way to test ride either / both?

                          All in all the Kat 600 is a good choice. It is stable at the speeds you describe, and handles well. The power is adequate for solo riding (especially compared to the VT500), and is plenty entertaining for newbs and seasoned riders alike.

                          Also, check out CyberPoet's site. It is chock full of useful information that can help in your decision...

                          Good luck, and have fun chosing!
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                            i would also look more at the 750. it has more torque ! the 600 really needs to run in the upper RPM band.



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                              I think u should look at 750. For the diffrence in $$$ it's well worth it.